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Muslim Students Get EVERYTHING, While 1 Christian Teacher Catches Hell For Saying 4 Beautiful Words

Government-worshipping Leftists have been yapping about a so-called “separation of church and state” for decades.

Thing is, they’ve never understood that what they believe and what is actual LAW are two completely different things.

Liberals aren’t big on truth; quite the opposite in fact: they’re big on hypocrisy and lies.

In actuality, the First Amendment of the Constitution specifically denies the government the ability to create a religion and to force said religion upon the populace.

Christianity was not created by the U.S. Government, nor is it impressed upon the people. Therefore, no separation of church and state edict actually exists, technically speaking.

And it’s equally wrong to force Islam on our children, which has continued to happen in uber-liberal school districts.

So, it’s not surprising that a woman whose job was threatened in a Maine school district had a legal team send a friendly reminder to the administrators that they could not punish her for the perceived “offenses.”

Fox News:

The Augusta School Department launched an investigation of Toni Richardson after they alleged she ‘imposed some strong religious/spiritual belief system’ towards a coworker.

According to an official memorandum from the school district, Ms. Richardson had told a colleague that she was going to pray for him.

It just so happens that Ms. Richardson and the colleague attended the same church.

Back in 2016, the colleague had been having a difficult time adjusting to his new job and Ms. Richardson did what most Christians would do – she told him that she would be praying for him.

Months later, the colleague and Ms. Richardson had a falling out – leading to the complaint about the prayers.


The district sent Ms. Richardson a ‘coaching memorandum’ – warning her that such language is not acceptable – ‘even if that other person attends the same church as you.’

She was not even allowed to use the word ‘blessing.’

Thankfully, the First Liberty Institute and Eaton Peabody Law Firm ended the dispute quickly by “gently reminding” the school district that it could not lawfully discriminate against an employee who discussed their faith at work.

We’re going to come down on someone who says something like, “I will pray for you” while simultaneously giving students of other faiths preferential treatment at every turn?


Source:  Fox News

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