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Furious Muslims FORCE Sharia Law Down Employer’s Throat…But The Filthy Plan BACKFIRES!

Amazon is the darling of the internet retail world, but Leftists may soon be all over Amazon as if their name was Bill O’Reilly.

These days, it’s tough to run a successful business without some Leftist group coming along and demanding a chunk of your success (or as Liberals like to call it, “their fair share”).

They honestly believe it’s “fair” for African-American students to receive FREE tuition simply because of their race. …and no, that’s not “racism;” it’s “progressive.”

In some cases, however, it’s not the Leftists employers need to be wary of, but another privileged group of people who are getting a free pass on their faith.

Remember when Muslim college students issued a list of absurd demands to the university? Well, it just happened to Amazon.

MAD World News:

“According to reports, Muslims working for Amazon recently claimed that they have been discriminated against. Why?

Well, because they aren’t allowed to take five ten-minute breaks a day to pray, and they aren’t given a prayer room to do it in either.

Of course, Amazon is already required to give employees two 10 minute breaks and 1 hour for lunch for an 8-hour workday.

Add in the additional 50 minutes of time off that Muslims are now asking for, and you get a total of 2 hours and 10 minutes off during 8 hours of work – and they expect to be paid for the time they’re not working as well.

As a result, Muslim security guards employed by Amazon subcontractor, Security Industry Specialists, have filed suit against the company saying the employer doesn’t accommodate their religion and that they discriminate against those who speak out about it.”


In addition to this, The Gateway Pundit dug up this little tidbit:

The truth is, according to Islamic law, Muslims are actually allowed to make up for prayers later in the day if they are unable to pray during the day.

This is nothing more than a dominance play to force U.S. companies to bow to their Islamic overlords or face a lawsuit.

As ridiculous as it seems, many companies are bowing to these demands, only because they wish to avoid the courtroom.

If we’re to begin adhering to Sharia Law here in the United States, we’d best just trash our entire judicial system and start studying up on Dearborn, Michigan, ’cause that’s where we’re headed.

Sources: MAD World News, The Gateway Pundit

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