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INVASION: Muslims Attempt SICK ‘Trojan Horse’ Takeover, And One Teacher Is Forced To…

No, Muslims aren’t a problem at all.

There’s no such thing as numerous welfare scandals featuring those of the Muslim faith. That must be false, somehow. That couldn’t have happened, right liberals?

After all, the majority of Muslims are just peace-loving individuals who come to this country to work hard and provide for their families…

…forget that the FBI has already confirmed that the “vast majority” of Islamic organizations in this country are part of a larger Jihadist network, whose main goal is of course the eradication of America.

Nope, still not enough evidence, apparently.

Well, how about this, via Right Wing News:

A school teacher is now attempting to work from home after receiving death threats from Muslim parents. The Islamic parents are reported to hate the teacher’s ‘western values’ and even complain about the way her daughters are dressed in pictures posted in the teacher’s office.

The teacher, Trish O’Donnell of Clarksfield Primary school in Oldham, has reported that she’s been constantly bullied with verbal threats of violence and Muslim parents said they would blow up her car.

O’Donnell thinks the Muslim parents are attempting a ‘Trojan Horse’ in which the Muslims quietly enter and try to attack the school from the inside, changing it to a Muslim school.

According to an Oldham council report, the teacher believes that this “Trojan Horse” agenda is absolutely coming into play and furthermore, “the head teachers’ union, the NAHT, said it was ‘supporting a number of members in the Oldham area with a variety of apparent Trojan Horse issues’.”

This isn’t going to go away.

Sure, there are peace-loving Muslims out there, like this one patriotic Muslim who dared to vote for Trump and got EVISCERATED by the “tolerant” leftists.

But there are other Muslims out there and they ARE our enemies. The evidence couldn’t possibly be clearer and if this continues, a very real war could erupt…

Trump, we need you! NOW!

Source: Right Wing News

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