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Muslims Attack Ex-Vet Teacher For Slamming Islam…He Drops 4 Patriotic Words And WINS THE DAY

We are witnessing a very interesting learning curve for the Leftists in this country in the past few months.

For the greater part of the past eight decades, Progressives have been seasoning their bubbling cauldron of social justice and identity politics with a little dash of hypocrisy, racism, poverty, dishonesty, and ultimate control of all things formerly free.

The goal? To drive out all vestiges of resistance.

We can suffer through crime wave after crime wave, and liberals continue to push their “illegals aren’t dangerous” propaganda.

It’s not that we’re condemning legal migrants (that’s just absurd) but we – and President Donald Trump – are concerned about the illegal immigrants that are costing us untold amounts of money.

Some of these illegals are also costing American lives, which is inexcusable, regardless of which side of the political fence you’re on. This is why Trump is trying to speed up the deportation process; we need to get this DONE.

Because it isn’t getting any better.

Now, Texas Muslim groups are demanding the expulsion of a veteran-teacher from his school due to his harsh words for Islam. Yes, seriously.

MAD World News:

“When an Army veteran started teaching at a Texas high school, he refused to censor his politically incorrect opinion of Islam.

However, after Muslims demanded that he receives punishment for insulting their religion, the brave American hero responded with 4 perfect words.

According to ABC News, [James A.] Bretney is undeterred by CAIR’s (Council on American-Islamic Relations) threats and demands for an apology, boldly replying, “I’m not backing down.

The 9th-grade teacher has become a target of Muslims for nothing more than insulting their religion, which is a Constitutional right in America but punishable by death under Islamic law.


Although you’ll never hear of such a condemnation of Muslim terrorists, Muslims were quick to decry Bretney for comments in which he merely stated comments like “I hate Islam” and “Islam is bad.”

Incredibly, the veteran says that he’s ready to fight CAIR for his freedom of speech.

Bretney’s refusal to back down is even more important than he knows. He is not only teaching his students to stand up for what’s right, namely their Constitutional rights, but to not give in to intimidation.”

We love it when our brave veterans step up and say what needs to be said.

And this is another shining example of the Progressive agenda rotting from the inside-out.

Here we have a man who is practicing his right to freedom of speech (just like the guy who put the crucifix in a vat of his own urine or the thousands of Leftists who just gleefully enjoy burning an American flag) and he’s being stalked by CAIR (“a designated terrorist group with proven ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas“) acting as if Bretney is somehow subject to Sharia law.

Ah, the irony.

Source: MAD World News

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