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Man Walks Up To Nancy Pelosi And Whispers 6 Words In Her Ear – Her Reaction Is Priceless

Nancy Pelosi has a profound ego problem.

She’s so obsessed with power that she refuses to heed the calls by her own party to step down. She’d rather insist on the White House than yield to far better candidates.

And that’s before we get into her other disqualifying factors such as her extreme leftist ideas which are detriment to our nation, and her personal incoherence in interviews which make her look like a buffoon.

Things are getting so bad one wonders if Pelosi has an unannounced medical condition. Either that, or she was always this loony.

On the plus side, Republicans can rejoice that this woman has enough power left in the Democratic Party so as to bulldoze potential competitors for her position into submission. It’s very helpful to conservatives.

But there are others who aren’t afraid to tell this preposterous woman what they think.

She was recently accosted by a opponent on the street with a comment that she was apparently not prepared to respond to.

Although her answers often border on the nonsensical, someone preps her so at least she has something ready to say in response to questions and comments during speeches.

But when she’s caught off guard…

Via IJR:

“…when Pelosi opponent Joel Fischer confronted her on a street, he had a pretty pointed thing to say to her.”

Whether she is headed to prison or not remains to be seen.

But these arrogant liberals who have concluded that they know best and must not be challenged are in desperate need of a beatdown.

Nancy can put on a fake smile all she wants, but the fact remains that her ascendancy back to the position of Speaker of House is far from a sure thing.

In fact, if the Democrats had any sense and courage, they’d remove her from her current position as minority leader, despite her ardent protests.

Let’s hope they leave her where she is, though. Again, there has never been a better friend to the Republican Party.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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