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Navy SEAL Shares 14 Heartstopping Images That Make Me Proud To Be An American

The life of a soldier isn’t an easy one.

The life of a U.S. Navy SEAL fighting the biggest and most dangerous terrorist organization on the planet might seem downright impossible.

Ephraim Mattos can attest to this fact, as he saw first-hand what ISIS did to people overseas. And unbelievably enough, he decided to go back just this year and do more…and he did it on a pro bono basis.

That’s right, this retired hero couldn’t leave people to suffer and after fighting in Afghanistan during his tenure with the SEALs, he opted to go to Iraq in May 2017 to help out some more. Free of charge.

When he was done, he decided to share 14 amazing images of his time spent helping others, and he provided some helpful commentary as well.

This should open your eyes, especially if you’re one of those anti-American liberals who hates the military and believes all those who serve our country are just a bunch of cowboy killers.

IJR has all 14 of the images, along with the descriptions, but here are a few of the most poignant:

Back at our field hospital, there was a road where people who had just been freed from ISIS would walk down.

I saw this female walking with this man who had his leg held together with pins. What stood out to me was that this woman was holding up his leg with some type of scarf as he walked.

It was at least 100 degrees and they had no clue how much further their walk might be. It was a good thing that an Iraqi ambulance picked them up and made their journey easier.

We are doing a food distribution in the plains of Nineveh. This was before we invaded Mosul.

During the distribution, I noticed an Iraqi guy who was bigger and doing a lot of the work. We talked back and forth using hand gestures. At one point, he left and returned with a baby. It was a white child.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I asked if the baby belonged to him and he said no. After getting the baby formula from the line, he walked the baby back to the tents. I asked if I could follow him and he invited me in.

I saw his wife. She was very dark skinned and kind.

As we continued, a white lady wearing a hijab reached out for her baby. When she reached out, her right hand was gone. On her left hand, only three of her fingers remaining, and they were still only partial remains of the fingers.

The wounds were relatively fresh. He gave her the baby and smiled. And she ducked away into a tent.

I looked at the Iraqi guy, and he made a sawing motion with his hand and said ‘Daesh, Daesh’ (ISIS, ISIS).

And then he made a rocking baby motion with his hands and said ‘Daesh.’ And then I realized that baby was a product of rape from ISIS.

There was a village about to be liberated by the Iraqi army. So in mass, a bunch of Iraqi civilians sped out of the area. The Iraqi army set up a checkpoint to search cars as they came through.

The people would take everything they owned in one vehicle. So we were able to hand out some water bottles to this family. The little girl was smiling. They still had a day or two left until they could be processed into a camp, but here they were in the best of spirits.

Absolutely incredible stuff.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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