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Breaking: New Study Reveals JAW-DROPPING Truth Liberals Don’t Want You To Hear!

Oh, Al Gore, hold onto your wallet.

In recent months, we’ve started to see cracks appear in one of the Democratic Party’s most-pushed theories: Global warming.

A full-on scandal broke a few weeks back, concerning a leaked report that proved scientific “evidence” to support global warming was, in fact, BUNK.

This sent liberals and Greenies into an absolute tizzy and ever since, they’ve desperately been trying to validate their collapsing theory. They don’t use facts, of course; just scare tactics. It’s what they do.

Worse, we’re learning that the theory isn’t merely incorrect; it’s actually part of a larger conspiracy to wipe capitalism from the earth. That right there is about as disturbing as it gets.

But getting back to Gore, this one is really going to hit him where it hurts.

Remember when Gore was a politician? Yeah, me neither, really. His bigger claim to fame is saving the polar bears that don’t really need saving. But it sure does make for dramatic documentary footage, doesn’t it?

Sorry, Al. Those lucrative days of double-dealing on the environment may be coming to an end. Note to Gore-type lefties: Run for the banks. Get your cash out while you can.

There’s a new scientific study in town and according to Louder With Crowder, it goes like this:

“The pacing of glacial–interglacial cycles during the Quaternary period is attributed to astronomically driven changes in high-latitude insolation. Here we show that before one million years ago interglacials occurred when the energy related to summer insolation exceeded a simple threshold, about every 41,000 years.

We propose that the appearance of larger ice sheets over the past million years was a consequence of an increase in the deglaciation threshold and in the number of skipped insolation peaks.”Unplugging your clock-radio won’t do squat to combat ozone depletion/global warming/global cooling/climate change.”


Unplugging your clock-radio won’t do squat to combat ozone depletion/global warming/global cooling/climate change. In short, these scientists have concluded that the climate change has very little to do with humans. ‘Cause these scientists found climate change has very little to do with humans.


Liberals have been having a rough time of it, haven’t they? Everything they say has been proven wrong recently, and that includes the voter fraud issue; looks like Trump was right after all.

As for poor Al Gore… He can’t win the White House; he can’t win the climate change game. I think that’s the sound of the Greenhouse Gas trade exchanges exploding in the distance.

But seriously, did anyone left in sane America really think climate change was an actual thing?

Apparently, so. The radical environmental crowd is still making big time bucks with the whole ‘save the environment’ type of scare mongering.

This new report should put a dent in it. Just don’t count on it being shown on any television new stations outside of … hmm, well, maybe not on any television news stations at all.

Source: Louder With Crowder


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