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One NFL Legend Drops The Hammer On Kaepernick – Do You Agree With Ditka’s Comments?

Just because you don’t want a lesson in politics when watching a sporting event doesn’t make you a lousy citizen.

It simply means you’d like to watch a game without liberal propaganda being shoved down your throat.

Which is, by the way, a perfectly normal desire. Actually, it’s the person obsessed with the political, who cannot step away from it briefly, who might have a problem.

So this nonsense of millionaire athletes finding it necessary to parade their political beliefs on the field is a disservice to the fans.

It doesn’t matter which side of the political divide they have chosen; it’s all a nuisance and an in-your-face reminder that the media is going to lecture you on politics whether you like it or not.

But not everyone on earth backs people like Colin Kaepernick. In fact, many NFL legends have some choice words for the former 49er quarterback…and those words aren’t complimentary.

The latest to throw down is legendary NFL coach Mike Ditka, who has no patience for Mr. Kapernick or his fellow colleagues who will not stand for the National Anthem.

This goes double when the nation is commemorating the  loss of lives on on 9/11.

In an interview with TMZ, Ditka agreed that it was disrespectful for players to not stand for the anthem on the anniversary of 9/11, when so many citizens and first responders lost their lives.

“Ditka has been vocal about what he thinks about Kaepernick and others who chose to disrespect the flag.

Last September the retired coach said had no respect for the former San Francisco 49er.

He also said that any player who would do such a thing wouldn’t play on his team.

The outspoken conservative has also been vocal about his support for President Donald Trump and his disapproval for former President Barack Obama.

When asked about what he thought about Trump winning the presidency earlier this year, he said he would be surprised if Trump could mess up the country as much as Obama had done in the past eight years.”

That’s just about as plain as you can make your beliefs. And not only is Ditka right, it’s a refreshing change from the garbage that Kaepernick and his ilk have forced on viewers.

Just because one is an athlete or a celebrity or movie star, this does not imbue you with any special abilities in determining political policies.

In other words, you don’t necessarily know any more than anyone else does. In fact, chances are good that you know far less.

If they cannot keep it out of professional sports, perhaps the rest of us need to realize that there are far better ways to spend our time than watching their games.

Recall that money talks, and a lack of viewers means no advertising revenue. That would send a message the NFL would not miss…

Source: Conservative Tribune

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