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NYC Mayor Insults Murdered Cop’s Family – Furious Officers Have 1 Savage Reply

New York City Mayor De Blasio clearly hails from the far left.

As expected, this has dictated his policies and actions. And in a tragic betrayal of those who hold his and the safety of all New York City residents in their hands, he has been anything but supportive of the police force.

For all their work and the risks they take daily, he has figuratively turned his back on them. Now they have returned the gesture…only it wasn’t figurative.

The latest example of conflict between the NYC mayor and the police force centers on the assassination of police officer Miosotis Familia as she sat in her police vehicle a week ago.

Sadly, this mayor made only a superficial effort to honor her sacrifice, and it appeared to be more out of ritualistic necessity rather than being motivated by heartfelt feelings.

Keep in mind that in the past, De Blasio has implied that his police officers are racists and in some cases, should be feared by law-abiding citizens.

Well, the men and women in blue finally got their opportunity to show their disrespect for de Blasio at Familia’s funeral.

“Thousands of mourners gathered in the Bronx to pay tribute to Officer Miosotis Familia, who was assassinated as she sat in her police vehicle last week.

De Blasio infuriated officers and New Yorkers alike when he flew out to Germany the next day to attend the G20 protests in Hamburg.

That anger was on display at the mother of three’s funeral, which took place at the World Changers Church in the Bronx.

The New York Post reported that officers outside the church turned their backs as de Blasio’s eulogy was broadcast on screens.

Not surprisingly, the mayor’s office attempted to play down what happened:

“‘A couple dozen people showed up to partake in a bogus controversy ginned up by the media and those looking to politicize Detective Familia’s death. That’s unfortunate,’ a spokesman told The Post.”

That may be “unfortunate,” but this statement is also a lie.

The mayor has antagonized his police force with his criticism to the point where they are very much aware that they do NOT have his support.

But there is a bigger point that can be made here:


Politicians can survive vicious campaigns, criminal investigations, scandals, and a populace that despises them. That Hillary walks free and still retains political influence is evidence of that.

However what they cannot survive is ridicule. When the people just laugh at what they say, ignore their pronouncements, and treat them as though they are irrelevant, more damage is done than a thousand negative television ads.

They lose their power to influence colleagues and subordinates, as few people are going to rally behind someone regarded to be a complete buffoon.

And there is a very powerful, yet peaceful tool, that has not been used by the right to the degree it should…

What the police did when de Blasio spoke is of more importance than they probably realize.

Sources: Breitbart, New York Post

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