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Obama Nailed With Bombshell Scandal…You Won’t Believe What He’s Secretly Funding!

The policy of the left is to spend big bucks to help out Americans.

Things like welfare, Medicare, Social Security, and Obamacare are attempts to help Americans in need. They write it off as the U.S. actually trying to help its own people out of compassion and justice.

The problem is that the money to fund these massive programs has to come from somewhere. Where? From the pockets of hard-working Americans, generally Americans that don’t need these government programs in the first place.

But still these programs work, when only a small segment of the society uses them for a limited period of time. However over the years, these government funding programs have grown too large as people abuse them.

That casts all over our country’s spending into question. Where should taxpayers’ dollars go? Should government spending be limited? Should we cut taxes and encourage individuals to give more on their own?

What we all can agree on, however, is that millions of our dollars should be shipped overseas without our knowledge.

From The Political Insider:

President Barack Obama and the federal government are spending more than $770 million dollars to rebuild mosques in other countries. Obama is Spending Almost $1 Billion of Taxpayer Money to Renovate Mosques Overseas! This effort is the result of years of conspiring between himself along with Secretaries of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

The program, which spends the money through the State Department’s USAID program hasn’t been widely reported. Obama refers to the effort as “Smart Diplomacy” but taxpayer groups are speaking out.

In places such as Cairo, Cypress, and other Middle Eastern areas, American taxpayers are spending this money hoping to build “relationships” with Muslim leaders.

USAID has existed since the end of WWII and is a vital branch of our government. They help to rebuild countries–particularly our allies–who have been damaged by war or other disasters. It is our way of supporting and maintaining relationships overseas.

But many people might find it hard to accept these moves when our own people are suffering. Should our country give away almost $1 billion dollars to rebuild mosques, when American veterans are without homes and medical coverage?

While we suffering from ongoing threats of terrorism, skyrocketing expenses, and loss of jobs from illegal immigration and outsourcing, should our country give away so much money?

Perhaps this is why America voted for Donald Trump; we’ve grown tired of our government supporting everybody else but us.

Source: The Political Insider

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