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WHAT?! Obama Crony Hidden Inside State Department Just BETRAYED President Trump!

If I told you that Jennifer L. Smith was the President of the United States, you’d probably go, “Who? What?”

The State Department has an official of the same name who is apparently a rabid Obama loyalist.

Now, she is either pretending to be the president or she is thwarting his executive actions…either way, she’s getting in the way of the REAL president, who’s trying to protect this country.

It really flies in the face of logic that our Department of Justice has allowed her to do what she has apparently done. If you support Trump’s travel bans and new immigration policies, you won’t be happy about this.

Jennifer L. Smith has issued an email and directed other government officials to defy Trump’s executive action on refugees. Oh yes, yes she did.

Conservative Tribune:

“An internal power struggle between President Donald Trump and the U.S. Department of State could be heating up — at least if a surprising new report is accurate.

The New York Times has revealed that the State Department has just lifted the restrictions on the number of refugees allowed to enter the U.S., in a move that seems to fly in the face of Donald Trump’s campaign promises to voters.

In an email sent just days ago, a State Department official named Jennifer L. Smith quietly told private agencies involved in refugee assistance that foreigners could now enter the country ‘unconstrained by the weekly quotas that were in place.’

That quota had previously been around 830 incoming people per week. The unexpected change could nearly double the number of refugees to about 1,500 per week.


According to the Times, personnel at the State Department spoke to the Justice Department before raising the refugee limit.

However, it is not clear if the president or his key advisers were consulted before the change was put in place.”

The Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, the administrative part of the State Department that manages the inflow of refugees to the United States, continues to be run by holdovers from the Obama administration,” Breitbart News noted about the shocking quota decision.

It’s sort of like one step forward, two steps back when it comes to the illegal immigration battle. And it’s getting tiresome.

Furthermore, if it’s true that Smith is taking orders from Obama, it is a violation of national security as citizen Obama should no longer have access to classified information.

And oh yeah, Trump is the President.

Source:  Conservative Tribune, New York Times

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