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Shameful: Obama’s Top 10 Most Despicable Lies EXPOSED…I’m Dry-Heaving Over Here

President Barack Obama was a fantastic spin doctor.

He could turn anything into a positive…provided it benefited his image. The problem is that after eight years of spinning, the American people are starting to see those spins for what they really were: LIES.

The scandals just keep coming for our outgoing president and chances are, the news won’t get any better as Obama recedes into the shadows. I mean, we’re finding out that Obamacare was a bigger train wreck than we thought, and it seems Obama’s ties to Iran might’ve been a LITTLE stronger than anyone anticipated.

Yeah, scary.

Now, thanks to the Fact Checker over at The Washington Post, we’ve got the top 10 biggest whoppers Obama ever told and honestly, we shouldn’t be surprised. We should, however, be appalled.

Here are just the first two:

“More young black men languish in prison than attend colleges and universities across America”

This was a 2007 campaign claim by Obama, then a senator, that was wildly off the mark. In reality, there are five times more black men enrolled in colleges and universities than young black men in federal and state prisons — and two and half times the total number incarcerated (including local jails). Even if you expanded the age group to include African American males up to 30 or 35, the college attendees would still outnumber the prisoners.

“We signed into law the biggest middle-class tax cut in history”

This 2011 claim was not based on a dollar figure but on dubious math — that supposedly 95 percent of working families received some kind of tax cut under the Making Work Pay provision in Obama’s stimulus bill. John F. Kennedy actually wins the prize for biggest tax cut, at least in the last half-century. By the same measure, the income tax provisions of George W. Bush tax cuts were more than twice as large as Obama’s tax cut over the same three-year time span. (While a large portion of Bush’s tax cut went to the wealthy, it also benefited the working poor.)

Click the WaPo link for more pathetically inaccurate claims.

This is precisely why we needed to kick the Democrats to the curb. They’ve been destroying this country for years and worse, they continually lie about it…it just had to stop.

Source: Washington Post

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