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SHOCK REPORT: Obama, Pentagon Hid GIGANTIC Scandal From Americans…Taxpayers Are Furious!

Once again, the Obama administration has been busted in a scandalous act.

And that’s after Obama, both during his campaign and while serving in the White House, promised his administration would be the most scandal-free in American history (insert laugh here).

Apparently, he didn’t quite meet that standard. But who knew he would be so scandal prone? From apology tours to Muslim nations, to WikiLeaks’ revelations of Democrat corruption, Obama’s latest issue comes in his dying days of presidency.

This one is bound to really get under the taxpayer’s skin, too, because it appears the Obama administration got so spend-crazy during the past eight years that they’ve actually been trying to hide it from the American people.


“It’s now been confirmed that Obama and his partners in the Pentagon actively tried to cover up and hide billions in wasteful spending,” Yes I’m Right reported.

The report comes courtesy of the advisory Defense Business Board, which issued in January a series of suggestions for the Pentagon to save over $125 billion in five years. But as part of the study, the DBB found plenty of waste.

“[It] showed that the Defense Department was paying just over one million contractors, civilian employees and uniformed personnel to fill back-office jobs,” Fox News reported. “That number nearly amtches the amount of active duty troops – 1.3 million, the lowest since 1940.”


Or, as Yes I’m Right put it:

“Shameful. Who else can’t wait until the waste of space president is gone?”

Source: Yes I’m Right, Fox News

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