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SHOCK: Obama’s Despicable Plot To Destroy Capitalism Exposed…America Almost DIED!

There’s one sure way to kill capitalism: Kill the individual.

If you can manage to create an environment of total dependency, where everyone relies on everyone else, you will have successfully destroyed a system designed specifically to reward the dedicated, the ambitious, the true contributors to the world.

From day one, President Barack Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party have been working to kill the individual and cultivate the aforementioned state of appalling dependency. The liberal media has furthered this agenda, even if they weren’t always aware of the sinister nature of the plot.

I call it a “plot” because there’s no other word to describe the following:

Every single step Obama and the Democrats took in the past eight years — and I mean every single one — have been carefully designed to foster dependency and destroy individual capability. Furthermore, every step hindered business in some form or another, enhanced government power while simultaneously decreasing the power of the individual, and spread a culture of victimhood.

Look at it carefully. Obama kept trying to tell everyone the economy was doing well when in fact, it suffered miserably. It’s not surprising to see such glowing U.S. economy predictions with Donald Trump in office, and not entirely because Trump is a businessman. No, the biggest difference is that he embraces capitalism while Obama and Co. have been working to undermine and even cripple capitalism for years.

Driving big companies out of the country, raising taxes for the producers of the world, churning out endless assistance programs, prioritizing political correctness and “feelings” over that which actually matters…this has resulted in a society of helpless, clueless, entitled individuals who can’t even change a lightbulb without help.

And even more revealing is how we’re supposed to view people with money, according to the Democrats and media. Those with money are automatically viewed as cold, even inhuman or evil, and likely corrupt. Those without money are seen as the trod-upon, the unfortunate, the unlucky, those who need to be cared for by those who have achieved.

Hence, the perfect foundation for socialism, and an impossible foundation for capitalism.

Democrats may claim they’re not socialists; Obama will undoubtedly claim the same thing. They’ll say Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein are far more extreme in that way but are they, really? Was Hillary? They all had similar plans and agendas and the endgame of each plan was the same for all: Destroy capitalism and adopt the socialist structure we see in Europe (which is NOT working too well for many of those countries, by the way…Greece, France, etc).

It’s the mindset of the American public that matters and in point of fact, liberals have been spreading anti-Capitalist propaganda for nearly a decade. And the frightening part is they almost succeeded. What was Obamacare, really? It was socialized medicine, plain and simple, and there was no way the ACHIEVERS weren’t going to pay more, and no way the DO-NOTHINGS weren’t going to make out like bandits. Something for nothing for those who do nothing; and to the doers, just pay more.

That’s a core tenet of the miserable festering pile of sludge that is socialism, and it was also the core tenet of a major part of our society (healthcare). Obama and the Democrats weren’t about to stop there, either; more social programs were in the offing and more ways to “even things out,” to knock down those with money (i.e., those who make the country run) and raise up the “have-nots” (99% of each “have not” because they CHOOSE to “have not”).

By eradicating personal responsibility, teaching young people in school to be nothing but whiny, totally incompetent victims, and spreading subtle and not-so-subtle messages that those who actually embrace capitalism are “bad,” Obama and the Democratic Party sought to dismantle the system. This was a plot; oh yes it was, even if not every single member involved was fully aware of the endgame.

Thankfully, however, we stopped it before it spiraled out of control. Thankfully, we have a president now who’s going to enforce the most valuable message humanity could ever receive:

“Do, and you – and THE REST OF THE COUNTRY – will benefit. Do not, and the rest of the country will not support you.”

This is how our ancestors built the greatest, most productive country in the world. Embrace the opposite and welcome to the cesspool of regression. Sorry, Obama and the rest of the liberals, we stopped you from driving us into the muck. And we know exactly what you’ve been doing.

In short, the jig is up.


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