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Obama Tries To Say Trump Won Because Of Russia…And Hannity OBLITERATES His Lies [WATCH]

Oh, Democrats, when will you learn not all swallow your lies and spin with such smooth ease?

The stories swirling about Russia’s supposed hack of America’s election process just keep getting longer and louder, with the latest being the CIA now think the Kremlin helped Donald Trump win the election.

Trump called such accusations “ridiculous” and blamed the Democrats for putting out the lies because they were upset about losing the election.

He’s right. The Democrats’ recount effort went down in flames, so they have to try something new to unseat Trump – before he even takes the White House seat. On top of that, the CIA’s claims run counter to the FBI’s own findings, which cast shadowy doubts on the whole Russian hack thing.

As Yes I’m Right wrote: “There is quite literally no evidence that Russia hacked the election, yet the liberal, biased, Trump-hating media continues to perpetrate the lie, along with their lord and savior, Barack Obama.”

Fake news?

It has all the earmarks, that’s for sure.

“I don’t know about you,” Yes I’m Right reported, “but I’m so glad that the liberals have no power in the country for at least the next two years.”

Yes, indeed. A grateful nation is glad about that as well. The abuse of power has been so horrifyingly blatant in the past decade that democrats can’t possibly be surprised that everything is unraveling right now.

Well, okay, maybe they can be surprised…they really are THAT out of touch.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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