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Obama’s Anti-Racism Picture Goes Viral, But There’s 1 Big Problem With This Pic…

The huge story of the week is the violence that erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend at a protest denouncing the city’s desire to rip down every Confederate monument and erase all vestiges of the South’s past.

It’s become a disgusting and cowardly trend throughout the southern US:

Weak-kneed Republicans and Democrats have caved to pressure from radical left-wingers demanding “racist” monuments dedicated to those who fought for the Confederacy be torn down.

It’s pretty insane and a transparent attempt to revise history and erase southern identity, which is a scourge to the Left. And even though this is happening in relatively red South, the Left is still winning.

It goes to show you how terrified conservatives are of being accused of racism, letting the Left forever hold them hostage with the threat of the accusation rather than ignoring or dismissing the liberal narrative.

With the Nazi and white supremacist narrative being pushed so hard, it’s very difficult to find a single person that will calmly and objectively look at what unfolded over the weekend.

It’s because of the fear of being labeled a sympathizer for merely seeking the truth.

It was inevitable that violence would erupt in this instance; not only because the Nazis and racists, but also because of the Antifa terrorists and the Left’s desire to instigate violence, knowing full well who would be blamed.

Get on YouTube to see Antifa thugs beating white nationalists and those protesting the removal of the monuments, not in self-defense, but in an offensive, self-righteous manner.

Predictably, the incident has been used to label Trump a white supremacist sympathizer that must be overthrown, all because he didn’t immediately come out and denounce what happened vociferously enough.

At the same time, former President Obama took the opportunity to tweet out an image calling for an “end to racism,” and it quickly went viral.

The media’s using it to contrast against Trump, saying that Obama’s simple response is truly presidential.

The funny thing is, being a narcissist, the picture is of himself interacting with some small kids of various skin colors, as it wouldn’t be Obama if he wasn’t promoting how awesome he thinks he is.

As reported at Mad World News, Obama’s tweet read:

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…

People quickly noticed the obvious: Obama just loves the heck out of himself, and that ego is on vivid and constant display.

Hey, we learned after 8 years that Obama cares about nothing and nobody more than himself.

As for the truth about the events in question, that’s a very sticky situation and won’t be solved by one of those precious pictures promoting racial harmony. The truth can get you in a heap of trouble…

See, truth seekers will be tarred and feathered with the Nazi accusation immediately upon offering a more nuanced, objective accounting of events.

Defending the monument removal protesters doesn’t mean you’re sympathetic to all their views, but don’t try and tell that to a leftist.

Consider the following:

Think how differently the swastika is treated compared to the hammer and sickle.

If one walked on a college campus, or anywhere for that matter, with a Che Guevara shirt, beret, and a communist flag, it’d be considered no big deal.

As a matter of act, you’d probably get some extra credit from your political science professor. Needless to say, the media doesn’t think anything of it, doesn’t denounce it or call the people extremists.

And the number of deaths and terrible events associated with Communism or Guevara are countless, of course.

But if you busted out a swastika, you’d be immediately expelled and have your life ruined. It’s a rather strange and contradictory contrast.

Nazism was certainly bad and horrific crimes were committed in the name of the ideology, but objectively speaking, the sins of communism are far greater.

It was a global ideology that infected a huge portion of the world. It lead to decades of suffering and tens of millions of deaths over the course of the twentieth century.

But funny enough, flying the communist flag and being a sympathizer is treated as no big deal. The double standard is mind-numbingly nonsensical.


That’s what makes all the Antifa and left-wing protests in the past year so crazy, as they’re more than just commies, they fancy themselves revolutionaries and are actually lashing out violently.

And as expected, they did so again in Charlottesville, yet they get no blame or criticism.

This is one of the many reasons not to trust a word that comes from the media, because such an inherent contradiction immediately destroys any and all credibility they might have had.

The political climate in America has been in hysteria over the last 2 years, and it’s just going to get worse as the years pass by.

Leftists already consider conservatives to be nearly as bad as Nazis, so don’t be surprised when in the coming years, they start coming for us with even greater fervor and violence.

As for Obama, the guy certainly thinks highly of himself, doesn’t he?

Source: Mad World News

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