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After Getting His Pardon, Sheriff Arpaio Sends Trump 1 Beautiful Message

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has had a lengthy career in law enforcement, and one that has had more than the average share of controversy and publicity.

Known as a strong opponent of illegal immigration and for his aggressive efforts to arrest illegal aliens, he was a natural to be an early supporter of the Trump campaign.

He was also a natural target for the liberals.

Readers will recall that, like President Trump, Sheriff Arpaio supported the position that Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

This won him no friends on the left, and his tough law enforcement methods only further infuriated them.

He has called himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” and has relished the publicity he generated.

Having been voted out of office, Arpaio also found himself in court defending himself against a contempt charge. He lost the case and was scheduled for sentencing in October.

However, as we know, President Trump has just pardoned the former sheriff who has been effusive in his praise for President Trump and the president’s support for law enforcement even before the pardon was announced.

“Friday shortly after the White House announced President Donald Trump had pardoned former Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his criminal contempt of court conviction made by a U.S. District judge in July, Arpaio appeared on Fox News Channel’s ‘Hannity’ to offer his reaction.

“Arpaio sang the praises of Trump and reiterated his claim he would have supported Trump ‘pardon or no pardon.’

‘It’s great. I love that president,’ Arpaio said. ‘He supports law enforcement. I’m very humble.

If you recall two years ago, I supported him and I said publicly recently, “Pardon or no pardon, I will be with him until the end.”‘”

At age 85, and considering the crime for which he was convicted, it is questionable as to whether he would have ever had to serve time in prison.

Nevertheless, the presidential pardon has created the expected outcry from the left.

The left’s problem with the pardon goes beyond their belief that Arpaio committed a crime for which he should be punished.

They’ve supported candidates for president who have done far worse than that, although such persons remain unindicted.

The problem is, this shows support for secure borders and the deportation of illegal migrants, and it’s necessary for the left to keep the flow of illegals going as these are a potent source of future Democratic voters.

Regardless of where anyone comes down on the Sheriff Joe pardon, that’s the real issue.

And the bottom line is that President Trump absolutely DOES support law enforcement…something we never saw Obama really do.

Source: Breitbart

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