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Patriot Carries Genius Sign Through Crowd Of Pissed-Off Liberals – Instantly Goes Viral

It seems that mental illness is contagious these days, as liberals across the country are quickly becoming radicalized and spouting all sorts of nonsense that’s completely detached from reality.

Gone are the days of legitimate political debate, replaced with screaming, shouting, and absurd accusations of privilege and bigotry.

If you dare espouse non-liberal beliefs or even try to be objective about issues, you’re tarred and feathered by the Left, labeled an extremist and treated like subhuman.

Today, conservatives are openly discriminated against but even worse, white people are have become the Left’s primary target for vilification.

If you happen to be a straight white man, your very existence is offensive to liberals, because every sin of your ancestors is fashioned about your neck like a noose.

Convenient that the only group that has to pay for the sins of their forefathers, and simultaneously get zero credit for their positive contributions to mankind, are white people.

All the rage right now on the Left is to shame folks for their so-called “privilege,” as you’ll see countless articles and signs at rallies bemoaning the supposed advantage certain people have over others.

A great example of this insanity can be seen in the University of Iowa’s student newspaper, which recently ran an article announcing the discovery of the latest form of “privilege.”

As reported at the Federalist Papers Project, the latest privilege is called “cognitive privilege,” which essentially functions in the same way as white privilege.

The article says that garden-variety white privilege “is an important topic that deserves a public discussion,” but that it’s “prudent to at least mention the wider concept contained therein: that of privilege itself.”

Privilege in general is “the receipt of certain benefits wholly through accident of birth and it is “undeniable that privilege itself is a reality,” the student newspaper explains.

The Daily Iowan author Dan Williams argues that people have no control over how smart they are.

Life is a game of chance with winners and losers, those blessed with privilege and those not. While genetics are incredibly important in this area, to say someone cannot control their level of intelligence is just beyond idiotic.

Williams says that cognitive privilege is one of “many kinds of privilege besides white privilege” and that in the future, automation will wipe out manual labor jobs, making the stark divide even greater, because the “privileged” jobs won’t be threatened.

Thus, the accident of having been born smart enough to be able to be successful is a great benefit that you did absolutely nothing to earn.

Consequently, you have nothing to be proud of for being smart.

Talk about hyperbolic. So smart people didn’t do anything to deserve their success. They didn’t study hard. They didn’t work hard to get good grades and land good jobs.

This moron is completely discrediting all the hard work people do in order to be successful in life, saying it’s nothing to be proud of.

Williams then claims that admitting to the existence of “cognitive privilege” will make it easier to talk about the scourge of “white privilege,” since, as he whines, many whites possess both forms of privilege.

Despite all of his juvenile ramblings, Williams wants readers to know that he’s not trying to make whites or smart people feel guilty, he’s just trying to raise awareness.

The purpose of pointing out someone’s privilege is to remind them of the infinite number of experiences that are possible and the very large number of experiences that are actual that they know very little about,” he says.

So he admits there are experiences we all know little about, yet he acts like he knows them all.

He clearly has no experience or knowledge about what it’s like to be “cognitively privileged” yet he talks like he’s got a PhD on the subject. Why exactly should we bother with his words?

Feelings of guilt are natural when coming to consciousness of one’s place in the scheme of things–and noticing that one has been conferred benefits through sheer accident–but guilt is an impediment to social-justice action, not a motivator (guilt slides easily into resentment),” he writes.


He then adds the kicker:

We can debate whether ‘whiteness’ is a sort of ‘master privilege’ that overrules all others.

Newsflash: no one should ever feel guilty for being white or smart.

All this talk about privilege reeks of envy, jealousy, and excuses. Leftists are so deluded and afraid to accept their failures that they come up with entire academic disciplines to explain away their inadequacy.

They’re incapable of self-reflection and honesty, so they lash out and make up elaborate excuses to explain away their lack of success.

It’s pathetic, but hardly surprising that losers tend to flock to liberalism, because it’s the ideology that tells them “It’s not your fault!” and keeps them from having to face reality.

It gives them the excuses they need and the literal government support necessary for them to survive in the real world.

Dan, like his leftist comrades, is a blowhard that’s desperate to both earn social capital by signaling his self-righteousness and to face the harsh reality–that he’s a total loser.

Source: Federalist Papers Project

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