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Furious 63-Year-Old Patriot Spots NYC Mayor On The Street – Seconds Later, He’s Running For His SUV

The folks of New York City have elected quite a few morons as their mayor in recent years but taking the cake is the current clown running the show, Bill de Blasio.

The guy is simply a disgrace, as he’s always pushing far-left policies and doing his best to expand the size of government in the city.

But he also refuses to show the proper respect to the city’s infamous police force.

Residents of the city are starting to notice, too, as one brave woman recently confronted the mayor about his controversial decision to skip a vigil for a slain officer.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio ran away to his SUV when he was confronted by a furious 63-year old woman from Queens over his decision to travel to Germany instead of attending a vigil for a slain officer.

Vickie Paladino and her husband were driving through the city when she spotted de Blasio. She immediately told her husband to pull over so she could talk to the mayor.

I want to know why you let your police officers down and our country down by going to Germany and protesting against our country!” the woman screamed at the mayor.

I want to know why you’re doing that, OK? I don’t care about the trees. We’ll work it out.”

De Blasio was out at an event promoting a random $16 million initiative to fix sidewalks damaged by tree roots, by the way.

While it appeared that de Blasio planned to hang around and meet with residents, upon hearing Paladino, he fled the scene. CBS New York then compared the mayor to “the cowardly lion” from “The Wizard of Oz” in its video news report of the incident.

Paladino later told reporters:

This is got to do with a liberal, socialist mayor who is running our city and has no regard for our country.

During an interview with the local CBS affiliate, she also trashed the mayor for his bizarre G20 trip, saying he should have been home “taking care of our business” and “our police officers.”

De Blasio showed his true colors with his trip to Germany. The G20 is meant for the most prominent global leaders in the world, not a third-rate mayor.

But he couldn’t resist the urge to rub shoulders with the elites and bash America to curry their favor. The man is a scumbag, plain and simple, and New Yorkers would be wise to not grant him another term.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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