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Look What Just Happened To An American Traitor Who Planned To Join ISIS

In case you needed a reality check: There are terrorists who no seek to enter the U.S. to carry out their murderous plans.

And then there are “homegrown” terrorists who become enamored with violent Jihadist materials, often on the internet, and decide that dying in a successful suicide operation would be the ultimate attainment in their lives.

All of these people present some sort of danger to our country, citizen or not.

We then have those who decide that the radical training available on the internet or at some facility in the United States is not sufficient for them to accomplish their goals.

These are the Muslims who leave the US to be trained in places like Syria where they can maximize their skills, often in concert with others to multiply the impact of their attacks.

Keonna Thomas was interested in a mix of these tactics.

Not only was she interested in spreading mayhem via the internet, but she also wished to travel overseas to enhance her terrorist skills.

But unfortunately for her and fortunately for America, it didn’t work out for her. Instead of achieving her goal of joining ISIS, she is now serving an eight-year sentence in prison.

From Fox News:

A Philadelphia mother who investigators say planned to abandon her two children and travel to Syria to join an ISIS fighter she met online was sentenced to eight years in prison Wednesday.

“Authorities said Keonna Thomas, 33, used the online moniker ‘Young Lioness’ to spread the terror group’s message and violent propaganda over the Internet.

“‘I’m not a evil or malicious person,’ Thomas, 33, said before she was sentenced. ‘I’m just someone who, I guess, at one point, was impressionable.'”

That’s quite a statement. And anyone who wants to look at this objectively would have to differ with her.


Any mother who would abandon her children to spread terrorist propaganda on the internet and seek to travel to a Muslim country to marry a jihadist and further support terrorism is, well, an evil and malicious person.

Evidence introduced into court paints the picture of a profoundly dangerous woman.

Thomas spent countless hours between 2013 and 2015 absorbing ISIS propaganda and became enthralled with the idea of marrying a faithful Muslim man, according to her attorneys.

And when she found what she was looking for through her communications with the ISIS member, Thomas made arrangements to join him in the Middle East.”

She now has eight years in prison to think over what she had planned to do.

The uncomfortable question is whether she will abandon her jihadist ideology and intentions, or whether she will become even more radicalized by whom she might meet while in prison.

Fortunately, that’s not a concern anyone will have to deal with for eight years.

Source: Fox News

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