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SHOCKING: Planned Parenthood Scandals Explode…These People Are SICK Animals!

Hope you have a strong stomach.

Recently, there have been quite a few calls for federal legislators to strip funding from Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer coffers.

Part of the calls come from the pro-life side, and are nothing different than what they’ve been requesting since the organization started receiving tax dollars. But another part of the calls came from those who maybe never had an opinion one way or the other about Planned Parenthood…that is, until videos started surfacing showing the organization tied to baby parts’ sales.

And those videos sparked massive outrage.

Now, Congress is in the mix, investigating the organization to see just how deep the scandal runs.

As Breitbart reported:

“What they found is horrifying and criminal. It’s disturbing that the results have been virtually ignored in the mainstream media. So to fill this gap, here are the top eight horrifying facts the mainstream media doesn’t want you know about aborted babies bodies being sold for profit.”

Fact Number One: A technician who worked with Advanced Biosciences Resources found a Planned Parenthood clinic had harvested and sold the skin of a Down Syndrome baby for $325. And the rest of the facts, as Breitbart reported: Selling baby parts is profitable. The potential supply for baby parts is bountiful.

Not all sales go smoothly – some buyers, for instance, complain about poor quality. Abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell was hardly the only physician to discard baby bodies so cavalierly. Planned Parenthood was accused of conspiring to break the law.

Planned Parenthood treated privacy as if it were a need for itself, but special accommodation for others. And the program falsely claimed to work toward curing AIDS.

“Yes, you read that right,” Breitbart reported. “In order to convince women to allow them to harvest their baby’s body parts, the Planned Parenthood consent form told the vulnerable women that the parts had been used to find a cure for AIDS.”

Really, is there a more evil organization out there than Planned Parenthood? That this country tolerates such filth is shocking, but that taxpayer dollars actually fund such deeds is a horror.

Congress, with a Republican House, Senate and White House, ought to take immediate steps to rectify that issue and made sure U.S. taxpayer dollars never again go toward such horrific acts.

Source: Breitbart

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