Red, White, and Right


Should police arrest all Antifa thugs immediately?

Even liberals are finally starting to realize it:

Antifa is nothing but a bunch of street thugs.

These supposed “anti-fascists” are in fact the epitome of fascism, using violence to beat their beliefs into others. Believe in our ideologies, or we’ll maul you…yes, that’s fascism.

Now the single most hypocritical group in existence is facing all sorts of backlash; their most important liberal friends are bailing on them, too.

First, uber-liberal Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguin flat-out called Antifa a common street gang, which surprised everyone.

Then Nancy Pelosi, the Leftist Queen, did Arreguin one batter and issued an “unequivocal condemnation” of the Antifa thugs and their hostile, insane behavior.

The secret (which conservatives knew from the start) is out: Antifa members are nothing but dangerous lawbreakers.

That being the case, isn’t in time the police started arresting this people…?



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