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Police Are Tired Of Being Hated And Abused – They’re Fighting Back With 2 Perfect Words

There is no question that we’ve experienced growing violence against law enforcement officers.

On rare occasions, condemnation of the actions of specific police officers is deserved, much the same as with any other profession.

But it must not be forgotten that it is this “thin blue line” that separates us from from criminal anarchy.

Put another way, we live in a fallen world with plenty of inhabitants eager to prey on others. The police are our first line of defense.

Most of us have virtually no contact with the police other than perhaps the rare speeding ticket.

Depending on where you live or the lifestyle you’ve chosen, your contact might be much more frequent and of a much more serious nature.

To be blunt, many officers put their lives on the line daily protecting us from some very bad people, and don’t deserve the blanket condemnation they have received by groups such as Black Lives Matter.

While there are honorable officers who are members of different races, the police in New York have created and chosen the term “Blue Racism” to signify and identify the discrimination and prejudice that has been directed at them.

And it’s about time.

Imagine going to work every day, putting your life in danger on behalf of people who think you are a detriment to society. That is grossly offensive and must stop.

From Fox News:

Angry at what they say is widespread discrimination leveled against their ranks, a group of police officers in New York City coined the term ‘Blue Racism’ as a way to draw attention to the mistreatment they say they face at the hands of the public.

“While a string of police-related killings over the last few years and the rise to prominence of groups like Black Lives Matter have shed light on the abuse some minorities face at the hands of law enforcement, the New York Police Department’s Sergeants Benevolent Association says they too have become victims.

“‘Cops are being shot at and killed just because they are cops,’ Ed Mullins, the SBA president and a 36-year NYPD veteran, told Fox News.

‘Police are being made to be the bad guys and I’m not saying that there aren’t a few bad apples, but the majority of us are trying to help people and do our jobs.”‘

The police have every right to be angry.

The overwhelming majority are working to ensure our safety and bunch of malcontents refer to them as thugs and murders, and sometimes attempt to settle their alleged grievances by taking pot-shots at the police, some of which turn out to be fatal.


This is utterly unacceptable.

These NYPD officers have released the following four-minute video on Blue Racism:

While it is true that the police are not a “race,” something their detractors are eager to point out, they are a group that is being subjected to discrimination.

Therefore, while the term “Blue Racism” is being used metaphorically to draw attention to their cause, we are still dealing with a group that has been singled out for persecution.

Of course, unlike the whole of human society that can be identified as members of actual racial groups, police can quit their jobs and end their being subject to “Blue Racism.”

But is that what we want?

Unless we are willing to risk a breakdown in our society and its descent into criminal chaos, it behooves us to address the causes for these officers’ actions, and to work to make the term “Blue Racism” one that is very short lived.


Source: Fox News

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