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Cop Makes Muslim Remove Her Hijab, So She Sues The Police – Guess Who Won?

It certainly pays to be a Muslim these days.

Don’t let the left-wing media fool you into believing that Muslims are mistreated in the US or anywhere in the West.

The truth is they’re getting all the perks of native citizens plus the innate ability to keep anyone from criticizing them, lest they be accused of racism or Islamophobia.

A great example are the various rape gangs that have plagued the UK, allowed to operate for years all because no one had the courage to report their crimes due to fear of being accused of an “ism.”

In the US, there are a ton of examples of this kind of stuff as well. The headlines just never stop.

While this thankfully doesn’t involve rape gangs, recently a Muslim woman in Long Beach, California used her Islamic privilege to sue the city for supposed discrimination.

Again, we’ve sort of seen this before…and again, guess who won?

As reported at Breitbart, the city of Long Beach has awarded a Muslim woman $85,000 Tuesday after she sued the city’s police department for forcibly removing her hijab while arresting her in May 2015.

Kirsty Powell, who is an African-American Muslim, filed a lawsuit against the Long Beach Police Department in 2016, causing the department to change its policy regarding inmates wearing headscarves for religious reasons, according to Fox News.

The original policy stated that police could ban inmates from wearing headscarves altogether.

There really is no justification for taking off a person’s religious headgear,” Powell’s attorney Marwa Rifahie whined.

Powell was originally arrested in May 2015 after two officers pulled her husband over for driving a lowrider vehicle.

When officers checked Powell’s identification, they discovered she had three outstanding warrants for misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest, petty theft, and car theft.


The lawsuit stated that Powell requested that police deploy a female to the scene because she said: “physical contact must be done by a woman.”

An absolutely absurd request for special treatment that non-Muslims would never receive, but due to their privilege, they just expect everyone to cater to their desires, even when they’re guilty of a crime.

The officers refused her request and ordered Powell to remove her hijab. Powell did not comply, stating that she refused to do so because it was her “legal right” to wear the hijab for religious reasons, the lawsuit states.

Again, it’s a standard practice for police to search the folks their arresting, including their accessories, be they hats or headscarves.

Once officers booked her at the Long Beach police station, they removed her hijab in front of male officers and inmates. The horror!

She was held in the jail overnight, forced to sit in a cell feeling distraught, vulnerable and naked without her headscarf to everyone that passed,” according to the lawsuit.

Yes, naked because her head was exposed for 24 hours.


Her lawsuit against the city’s police department claims her First Amendment rights and the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act were violated.

Under the act, “individuals, houses of worship, and other religious institutions” are protected “from discrimination in zoning and landmarking laws,” according to the Department of Justice.

The suit caused the Long Beach police to change its policies.

Under the new policy, female officers can remove a female inmate’s religious head covering “when necessary” for the officer’s safety, Long Beach assistant city attorney Monte Machit said.

It’s depressing to see our institutions cave to Muslims time and again. All it takes is a single incident to send officials begging for forgiveness and changing policies.

It takes years, if not decades, to get things done normally, but when it comes to the grievances of Muslims in the US, appeasement policies are fast-tracked.

It just goes to show how disgraceful our governments are and how little they care about the majority of Americans.

Source: Breitbart

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