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Shock Poll: CNN Humiliated By Americans, They Rank Dead Last In…

How fitting.

Dubbed the “Clinton News Network” and the “Communist News Network” by those who prefer their news untainted by bias, CNN has become the laughingstock of the American news world.

The funniest part is that they still call themselves “the most trusted name in news.”

According to the results of a new poll, Americans are none too pleased with how CNN handles their sworn duty; in fact, one could argue that the majority of the nation rolls their eyes any time they see a CNN report pop up on the screen.

Rasmussen Reports conducted a recent survey (as cited by Western Journalism) and found that CNN is – wait for it – the least trusted news network out there. Conservatives certainly aren’t shocked in the slightest, though we’re willing to bet the liberals are pissed.

And what’s bound to raise the ire of Democrats even more is that Fox News had the best trust rating, as 50 percent of participants said they trust the political news they receive from that particular source. In comparison, 43 percent went with MSNBC.

And CNN…?

A measly 33 percent.

This means two-thirds of Americans simply don’t want to get their political updates from CNN, and primarily because they believe it to be inaccurate, incomplete, or just flat-out skewed. If the recent presidential election didn’t drive that point home with a resounding slam, this poll certainly does.

As for Fox News’ triumph here, co-presidents Jack Abernathy and Bill Shine issued the following statement:

As we close out our 20th year, Fox News continues to redefine television news and break ratings records, proving it is indeed the most watched and most trusted television news source in the country.

I suppose liberals will once again be shocked, as they were when Donald Trump won. They just can’t believe there are dissenting voices out there, nor can they understand just how transparent the Leftists have become. CNN is obviously the most transparent of the liberal trumpeters, which is why they’re dead last here.

Once again, the American people have spoken.

Deal with it. Or rather, fix it, CNN.

Source: Western Journalism

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