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Just In: President Trump DESTROYS Black Lives Matter With ONE Stroke Of His Pen!

President Donald Trump has been busy trying to make good on his campaign promises.

And you know what? He is delivering on those promises, which drives liberals absolutely bonkers.

He vowed to protect America’s borders. And he’s doing exactly that; did you see the immigration numbers for January?

He vowed to bolster the economy and foster job growth by reeling in regulations. And that regulation-crushing executive order totally ROCKED Washington.

He vowed to turn back time on the anti-police public relations messaging sent out across the nation by Barack Obama and other Democrats…and guess what?

President Trump is winning that battle as well:

“Trump’s attorney general Jeff Sessions just reversed the bigotry and bias against law enforcement officers that Barack Obama introduced into our society during his presidency,” Mad World News reported.

“Sessions, taking his marching orders from Trump, just announced that they are abandoning Obama’s ‘tactic of suing police departments for violating the civil rights of minorities.’

Oh thank goodness. Law and order are soon on the way to restoration.

What Sessions’ action means, in essence, is that police will not automatically be judged to be racist in cases where they clash with members of the community, and where those clashes result in a shooting of a minority.

Under Obama, the circumstances of the shooting didn’t matter.

A black felon could point a weapon at a police officer, or refuse to drop his weapon when ordered by a police officer to do so, or hide his hands in his pockets when a police officer was trying to detain him for questioning, and if the suspect was ultimately shot because the police officer feared for life or safety, or felt intimidated, it didn’t matter.

In Obama’s administration, the officer was racist, guilty of shooting an innocent minority. Done.


Well, it was that mantra coming from the White House that fueled that whole Black Lives Matter movement, resulting in the targeting of police officers across the nation – and the shooting and killing of several as they simply sat in their patrol cars.

And how many times have we exposed BLM for being nothing but militant, dangerously hostile individuals who actually advocate white genocide?

The Twilight Zone episode has come to an end, though. With Trump at the helm and Sessions in Justice, the police will be given the rightful benefit of doubt they deserve now, when dealing with members of the community.

That’s not to say police who do wrong won’t be punished. But it is to say that the White House won’t be sending police on the path of prosecution before the facts of the incidents even come to light.

Source: Mad World News

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