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President Trump Just Kept One Unbelievable Campaign Promise, And Liberals Are SILENT

Okay, so it’s not exactly a boatload of cash in today’s world.

$400K a year may seem like a drop in the bucket to Nancy Pelosi as she sips her white zinfandel out of cut crystal glasses and sets up her weekly Botox appointments through her seven personal assistants.

Well, she’ll need to put aside a little extra for therapy because her mind has obviously come unhinged.

But anyway, for the rest of us schlepps in the country, $400,000 is one hell of a lot of money!

When you realize that the Leftists do a really great job of spending YOUR money, you begin to understand why it’s never front page news when they award themselves a pay raise.

And we never bat an eye anymore when we hear about the colossal waste of money spent on things like NASA spreading goodwill to the Muslim world! Nor do liberals care about massive welfare fraud.

Trump is an anomaly because he doesn’t need or want the taxpayer money.

He operates under his own fortune and promised to donate his own presidential salary to worthy causes. It’s too bad that greedy members of Congress didn’t follow suit.

Independent Journal Review:

“President Donald Trump made good on his promise to donate his taxpayer-funded salary, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Monday.

Trump donated his first-quarter salary to the National Park Service, a federal agency in charge of preserving America’s natural resources.

Trump’s first quarter salary comes out to about $78,000.


Presidents make $400,000 in annual income. During his campaign, Trump pledged not to take the presidential perk.”

Amazingly, there are still those out there on the Left who are insisting on seeing proof that Trump is in fact donating his salary!

One would think that if the President is announcing this over many different networks and social media, it’s a pretty safe bet that he’s not making it up, right? Not good enough for liberals, it seems.

Why weren’t they asking any questions when Barack Obama used BILLIONS of taxpayer money to make his final “midnight regulations” push? Shouldn’t that be a point of some contention?

Oh wait, we forgot. He was the next best thing to Jesus.

One final question:

While the National Park Service is a nice gesture, it begs the question: will the Department drop the LBGTQ Obama-era push to recognize areas of their parks that will be designated by plaques as having special significance to the gay community?

Source: Independent Journal Review

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