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Just In: President Trump Makes History, And America Reaps The $10 BILLION Windfall!

Why are liberals upset with President Trump?

He’s setting a very dangerous precedent – he is keeping his campaign promises.

Remember when he said he’d donate 100 percent of his presidential salary? Remember how liberals said it would never happen? Well, in case you missed it, it just did.

Going back, it’s clear Democrats thought Hillary had the election in the bag. As a result they treated the promises Mr. Trump made while campaigning with their usual condescending derision.

Then he won.

Now the left’s strategy has changed from smug superiority and cockiness to one that faces the reality that all Trump’s promises are starting to happen.

No wonder Nancy Pelosi babbles incoherently when interviewed; this business of the keeping of campaign promises is totally foreign to establishment Washington. But they had best get used to it.

Check this out: President Trump promised he would roll back regulations and save Americans money. Guess what?

Just in, from Bloomberg:

The White House estimates it will save $10 billion over 20 years by having rescinded 11 Obama-era regulations under a relatively obscure 1996 law that lets Congress fast-track repeal legislation with a simple majority.”

What he is doing, in concert with a Republican-led Congress, is using the Congressional Review Act in order to rescind many Obama regulations and directives issued in the final months of his administration.

So a lot of that stuff that was meant to hamstring President Trump is biting the dust.

This has to be horrifying for Obama, especially as the Trump wiretapping scandal heats up and threatens to engulf the former president and his staff. As if he doesn’t have enough problems already.

And President Trump isn’t finished yet. “About two dozen measures with CRA’s targeting them remain…”

That crashing sound you hear is what exists of Mr. Obama’s legacy getting smashed to pieces and hitting the floor.

Source: Bloomberg

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