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President Trump Gives FILTHY Muslim Criminals The WORST Surprise Of Their Lives

If things keep going the way they were under Obama, Minnesota could soon be speaking Somali as its official language.

As more and more supposed refugees from war-torn areas of the world seek asylum here in the U.S., it becomes ever more difficult to properly vet these individuals.

While illegal immigration continues to fall under President Donald Trump, the battle rages on. Our borders remain a massive problem.

As evidenced by foreigners lying on their applications about their terrorist activities (remember the woman who organized the Women’s March on Washington last month?), many refugees in this country are mimicking that process.

Some of them are slipping through law enforcement and disappearing into society at large.

The Trojan Horse that Trump warned about during his campaign is in operation! But he’s definitely working to do something about it.

MAD World News:

Twice, the left has effectively prevented Trump from invoking a temporary ban on a small percentage of terror-prone Muslim countries, directly resulting in a flood of un-vettable migrant criminals flocking to our nation.

Unfortunately for them, they mistakenly believed that blocking Trump’s travel bans would secure the migrants’ stay for good.

Although the travel bans have been stifled, the Trump administration has countered the blocks by ordering the mass deportation of 4,801 Somali Muslim migrant criminals, Somalia’s U.S. Ambassador Ahmed Isse Awad said on Saturday.”

Perhaps the most easily identifiable effects of Somali immigration, particular, lie in Minnesota, where large numbers of Somali migrants have built Islamic communities. With at least 40,000 Somalis in the state, Minnesota has seen a disproportionate increase in terror recruiting for Islamic terrorist groups since 2007.

In addition, dozens of Muslims have left the state to join ISIS with roughly a dozen fleeing to Syria alone.”

As other countries around the world are finding out the hard way, accepting mass importations of refugees without any sort of reliable vetting is a recipe for disaster.

Trump is continuing to keep his pledge to Americans and keeping the nation as safe as it can be, which is admirable. It’s what a leader DOES.

Source: MAD World News

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