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Breaking: President Trump Rips Off BRUTAL Power Move – Terrorists Scattering In DEFEAT!

President Donald Trump has only been in office a few weeks.

But he’s already done more for Israel, meaning in support of Israel, than Barack Obama did his entire eight years.

Well, let’s face it; Obama’s administration loathed Israel, and the latest surfacing scandal proves he did everything he could to take out Netanyahu.

I mean, Obama pretty much drew a moral equivalence between the Israelis and the Palestinians who wanted nothing more than to wipe the Israelis off the face of the map. Oh, and let’s not forget Palestine’s hatred of America.

But it’s a new day, a new administration. Trump loves Israel, as he has proven many times over (remember his special guest at the inauguration?).

And with this latest Trump move, very likely the whole world will be keyed and clued in how very, very pro-Israel this administration really is. AND the White House has dealt terrorism a massive blow.

From Louder With Crowder:

“The White House is signaling its support or a new congressional effort to cut all U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority due to its continued support of terrorism against Israelis and Americans, according to senior lawmakers and senior White House officials.

A senior White House official told that the Trump administration welcomes this effort and will sign it into law if it passes Congress.

The Palestinian Authority’s use of its resources to provide material support for terrorism is a grotesque example of how well-intentioned U.S. generosity can be turned against us. This legislation highlights practical steps the PA can take to demonstrate a real commitment to ending the vicious cycle of hatred and violence…

[It’s] a vast departure from the Obama administration, which worked against similar efforts when in power.’


Now that is quite about time.

America shouldn’t be sending tens of millions of dollars overseas when the country is running such a huge deficit anyway. But sending money to the very people who want to destroy Israel and destroy the West?

That’s a no-brainer.

Trump has indicated through his spokespeople he will sign the bill into law as soon as it comes across his desk. Can you imagine the howling from the left? From the United Nations?

No matter. Standing with Israel is an American tradition – or, at least it was for decades, until Obama took office and turned his back on the Jewish people.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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