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President Trump Grabs Texan Flag, Then Drops 4 Patriotic Words You’ll Just Love

When you are in Texas, you are in Trump country.

This is a red state with a few solidly blue urban areas that find it very difficult to flip statewide elections to the Democrats.

This might be why there is such a push in Texas’ major cities to become sanctuary cities and to increase the number of illegal aliens entering Texas.

Given generous government benefits, these illegals can be counted on to vote Democratic once they are given the right to vote. All the left needs is enough of these folks.

Nevertheless, the bulk of Texans want nothing to do with leftist politics and ideologies; they are proud of their independent spirit and traditions.

And yes, they are solid Trump supporters, something that’s made all the more remarkable by his being from New York.

The recent and ongoing flooding tragedy in Houston and surrounding areas puts Texans’ tenancy and spirit on display for all of us to admire.

President Trump fits right in with this and served as an encouragement to Texans during his visit to the state, at which time he announcement that everyone just loves.

From Conservative Tribune:

“Texas is Donald Trump country — at least if the state’s enthusiastic response to the president’s arrival on Tuesday is any indication.

“Both the president and the first lady arrived in storm-ravaged Corpus Christi to meet with first responders dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

“While on the way to the Annaville Fire Department for a briefing on the area’s rescue efforts, hundreds of Texans reportedly lined the roads to welcome and cheer for Trump.”

And those cheers only got louder as the president offered a compliment to the people of Texas that resonated in their hearts.

“President Trump took a moment to address the gathered people. Climbing onto a ladder and waving the Texas state flag, Trump and said four words that made the crowd go wild.

Texas can handle anything!

“The president was reportedly also in close contact with Texas officials, including Governor Abbott, former Governor Rick Perry and Senator Ted Cruz.

“‘[The president] told me directly whatever Texas needs, you got it,’ Cruz stated to CNBC’s Contessa Brewer, who is on location in Houston.”

President Trump truly is a leader; it’s clearly visible in his words and actions.

Of course he upsets people, lots of people. But that’s irrelevant except as relates to the fact that some people need to be upset, especially those on the left with stupid ideas and dangerous policies.

Texans will rebuild. They know it. Trump knows it. And his presence there has only further encouraged the people during a difficult time, reminding them of their own abilities and offering help.

These are the marks of a true leader.

Thank you, Mr. President!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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