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WOAH: President Trump Drops YUGE Ultimatum…America Comes First Or ELSE!

BEWARE: Purveyors of Fake News (CNN) is up to its old tricks again…

Or at least this time they’re just stretching the truth a bit.

But before we get to that, let’s remind you that President Donald Trump just put forth a pretty shocking proposal that would save companies BILLIONS; you know, the one that cuts regulations by as much as 75%?

And speaking of billions, the money just keeps rolling in for the U.S. economy, doesn’t it? How’s about another $7 billion, America?

Knowing all that, check this out:

Donald Trump had a meeting with business leaders yesterday regarding their penchant for moving plants overseas in an effort to cut labor costs, but still keep the profits high by selling back to the US, uninhibited by tariffs and border taxes.

That has now changed, and CNN is holding its breath in a tremendous temper tantrum in protest.

The message that Trump wanted to send to the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies like Ford, Tesla, US Steel, Dell, Lockheed-Martin, DOW and Under Armour was simple:

Don’t move your business outside of the US and you will be rewarded by massive cuts in corporate taxes and regulation loosening.

The flipside, of course, was that if they decided to move, a heavy border-tax would be levied against them in order to make up some of the costs necessary to protect the American worker.


“Trump said he would aim to cut regulations by as much as 75% — including by slashing environmental protections — which would streamline the process for companies to build new factories in the US.

Trump’s warning to business leaders came several hours before he was set to sign an executive order withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, making good on a signature campaign promise that also sent signals around the world that Trump is not backing off his protectionist trade rhetoric.”

So, you can immediately see where the tone of this article is going, right?

Trump is a bully who is picking on these angelic companies who are just playing by the rules and not polluting, but now he’s forcing them to stay in the country and build in their sweat factories, and pollute the environment!

And just a guess, but I’ll wager that CNN never used the word “rhetoric” when referring to Obama speeches in the full eight years he was in office. Just a guess.

So, the coup de gras of the piece, back to CNN:

“Trump’s protectionist trade agenda could also put him at odds with Republican leaders on Capitol Hill, many of whom have been close allies of the business community and have supported free trade deals, including the TPP.”

Yes, Trump’s protectionist trade agenda…because God knows we don’t need protection against other countries bleeding us dry on labor costs. And all those saintly Republicans that CNN just ADORES have close allies in the business community…well, they’ll definitely make trouble for Trump!

The TPP is dead, CNN. Deal with it. As for your obsession with carrying on your own Legacy of being inextricably tied to the Clintons…

You might want to get a second opinion on that.

Source: CNN

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