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Protesters Want To Remove 1 Face From Mount Rushmore – But You Might Like This Idea

Recently, historical monuments have been matters of profound and sometimes violent debate.

The latest debate involved the Confederacy, as though all those connected with the South were pro-slavery racists, and those in the North were noble people seeking only to bring social justice to the enslaved blacks of the South.

That’s not a very accurate representation of matters surrounding the War Between the States, which should come as no surprise as such issues and events are rarely that simple or cut and dried.

Not only were racial issues and positions on slavery not that clear, but there were other issues in play that could be argued to have transcended the slavery issue.

One national monument that has not been the subject of debate, however, is about become one: Mount Rushmore.

There is a push to remove Teddy Roosevelt and replace him with another well-known President, one conservatives have loved for decades.

It’s something to think about, and it’s sure to create some major debate. Via IJR:

“While recent protests between white supremacists and antifa have repeatedly turned into violent riots, one group is collecting signatures to make a change you may be in favor of.

“While some radical leftists are calling for presidents be removed from Mount Rushmore because of their slave ownership, the Reagan Legacy Project, led by anti-tax advocate and lobbyist Grover Norquist, is collecting signatures to replace one of the faces with none other than Republican superstar, President Ronald Reagan.

“So, which face would Reagan replace? Norquist responded:

‘My preference is to replace Teddy Roosevelt because he was a statist and a progressive Republican as opposed to a Reagan Republican.’

“‘Does he [Ronald Reagan] deserve the kind of status that a Jefferson and a Washington have? The answer is yes, he does.’

To be honest, the reason Teddy Roosevelt is on that monument has always been a bit of a mystery in my eyes and the eyes of many right-wingers.

But anyway, Norquist has had some success with efforts to rename significant national landmarks before, so don’t think this is impossible.

“Norquist’s group is best known for their coup to convince Congress to change the name from Washington’s National Airport to Reagan National Airport, which angered Democrats to no end.”

Does Reagan belong on Mount Rushmore?

From the standpoint of a staunch conservative, there would be no problem arguing he has more business being there than Teddy Roosevelt. And liberals probably hate them both, so…

The question remains how successful Norquist and his organization will be with what would be a major task, and how America would perceive the change.

Source: Independent Journal Revew

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