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Punk Busted For ‘F*CK THE POLICE’ Graffiti, Now Students Demand CONTROL Over Cops?!

In the close, almost incestuous circles of the Leftists, to resist is divine.  To get arrested is ascension and transcendency.

This resistance often includes hideous acts of shocking violence, all in the name of “anti-fascism.”

How many examples of the latter have we seen since Donald Trump’s victory?

Other forms of resistance including outrageously racist concepts, like the idea of giving all African-American students free tuition. …that is, of course, the textbook definition of “racism.”

Now, a local “graffiti artist” gets busted in Wisconsin.  Why?

Oh, because this “”undiscovered talent” wrote things like, “F*CK THE POLICE,” and “DEATH TO PIGZ” on walls. Of course, Wisconsin students classify this as “intelligent” resistance.

To make things worse, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, that bastion of Liberal fortitude and lunacy, issued a statement though the student government.

The Daily Caller:

The student government at the taxpayer-funded University of Wisconsin-Madison has unanimously issued a resolution that demands ‘community control’ over the campus police force because of ‘implicit bias.’

As evidence of “implicit bias,” the resolution prominently cites an instance in April 2016 when campus arrested a black student in class for a wave of graffiti.

The student, Denzel McDonald — who goes by the name “King Shabazz” — spray-painted “FUCK THE POLICE,” “DEATH TO PIGZ” and several similar rantings on a bunch of buildings all over campus for half a year.”

The damaged was estimated to  be in the realm of $4,000.  During one of the rampage sessions, McDonald was confronted by a witness who was then threatened with murder if the witness went to police.

And yet…

The University of Wisconsin student government’s resolution demands that the campus police chief, Kristen Roman, ‘shall fully cooperate’ with a newly-created accountability board which will have power over ‘the hiring and firing of officers that discriminate’ and over ‘policies and trainings of implicit bias,’ reports Campus Reform.”

They can’t be serious.

Coming from these administrators and school officials, even if it’s only on a student basis, is still insulting to those of us who continue to pay taxes to protect these people and their idiocy.

Perhaps one day, their tuition will be so astronomically unattainable that the university shuts down. Maybe they’ll all shut down.

Maybe THEN we can actually fix these so-called “institutions of higher learning.”

Source:  The Daily Caller, Campus Reform

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