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Did racism play a part in O.J. Simpson going free?

You’ve all heard by now:

O.J. Simpson has been granted parole after serving the minimum 9 years of a 33-year sentence and of course, the internet can’t stop talking about this momentous event.

Many remember the circus of a trial that involved OJ murdering his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman; of course, the court eventually ruled that the one-time football star was innocent.

It was one of the most controversial decisions in American justice history, so when OJ went away for a second crime, many saw it as karma…i.e., he got exactly what he deserved, even if it was a little late.

Unfortunately for those who believe that, the guy is once again free.

The question is, given the current out-of-control political climate in which minorities appear to get special treatment, one has to wonder:

Did racism play a part in this new decision? Had O.J. not been African-American, would he still have been granted parole?



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