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Racist Rapper Does Something So Horrifying In His Music Video, America Is Left Speechless

I sound like a broken record but man oh man, the white hate in this country is becoming more and more extreme.

The Left constantly guilts whites about the sins of their ancestors, while simultaneously ignoring their contributions to the world and refusing to recognize the sins of other groups.

Whitey is being held up as the pinnacle of evil and oppression, despite the fact that their societies seem to be the most tolerant on the planet.

But that doesn’t stop leftists from propagandizing white guilt and self-hate, nor does it stop anyone from denigrating caucasians as a race.

There’s been no shortage of examples in recent years, but the latest example of this psychosis is legitimately the most bold and disgusting yet.

As reported at Fox News, nobody and wannabe intellectual, rapper XXXTentacion, is making headlines for releasing a disturbing music video featuring himself lynching a young white boy.

All the while, a small black boy watches as this unfolds, without any sense of empathy or care.

The rapper then goes one to give some pseudo-intellectual monologue on race, as if he’s some philosopher with keen insight into the topic.

The video “Look At Me!” (how appropriate!) debuted on Tuesday and also features imagery depicting police brutality, violent protests, and placing a white child’s head in a noose on stage and then hoisting him up into the air.

The child’s feet are shown dangling and twitching and then they suddenly stop.

The casting director of the video LaShawnna Stanley said that finding parents who would allow their child to be hanged on stage was a challenge.

We had to delay the video because the mom that originally agreed and said okay but when she got there she didn’t feel comfortable.  We delayed for a week,” said Stanley.

Damn you whitey! Bunch of racists for not wanting their kids to be lynched in some garbage music video.

I called a lot of parents.  It was a direct booking.  No one was okay with their white child getting lynched,” Stanley said.

With all the racial tension in the world right out they were nervous.”

Stanley said the mother who finally agreed “was serious about acting and the message. The mother of the son is very serious about acting.

She’s a stage mom. She has three sons and takes them to LA to audition. She understood the vision.”

Let’s stop right here for a second.

I can only guess that this woman is a degenerate liberal, probably a single mother, as she was fine with putting her none-the-wiser kid into such a highly politicized situation.

That vision, according to Stanley, is that the “little white boy and black boy show innocence,” and that society has become desensitized seeing black men hung and shot, but the imagery of a white child being hung is shocking.

Hmmmm. Yeah, XXXTentacion, so many blacks being hung these days. You know what’s actually happening to blacks a lot? Dying at each other’s hands and being missing-in-action fathers.

It’s safe to say that the video is causing a lot of controversy, just as the rapper and his handlers intended.

While there’s plenty of folks treating the video like some priceless work of art with a moving message, not everyone is so quick to buy what the clown is selling.

Folks on Twitter and in the YouTube comment section have been going off on the rapper.

I’m actually disturbed at the video of XXXTentacion featuring a young boy being hanged. This is beyond a joke,” said one person.

Don’t make excuses for this sickness, simulated violence towards children is not cool or progressive. Not even to make a point. Its dangerous,” said another.

Some interesting factoids about the rapper show that he’s most certainly a hypocrite.

While he condemns and points out violence perpetrated by whites against blacks, he doesn’t deign to touch upon the reverse statistics or address the problems within his own community. Nor does he mention his own violent past.

The 19-year-old has been charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering in his young life, yet he wants to preach to us that violence is bad.


If this guy and his leftist enablers really cared about blacks they’d look in the mirror and come to some harsh conclusions.

Source: Fox News

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