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Racist Trump-Hating Teacher Can’t Believe What Students Did To Her Classroom

The life of a conservative student at any level is a hard one these days.

The Left starts the brainwashing at a very early age and doesn’t let up until you’re six feet under. The reality is that teachers from kindergarten to college lean Left, with the latter being in the realm of 90 percent.

This makes expressing non-liberal views very difficult, even when it’s done in a calm, respectful, and fact-based way.

Because one has to worry how other students will treat you afterward and most importantly, if the one in charge of your grades will punish you for it.

Having control of grades provides teachers with a powerful deterrent to keep conservative students from opening their mouths, which only reinforces the belief in the “consensus” by students that might be open to opposing views.

However, there are brave souls that when push comes to shove, they stand up for their beliefs, even if they risk being penalized for it by their leftist “teachers.”

As reported at the Conservative Tribune, a video has surfaced of a classroom plastered with pro-Trump posters, supposedly done in retaliation of the black high school math teacher’s repeated false accusations of racism against a white students for supporting Trump.

In the video, the teacher says support for Trump is tantamount to racism, which makes it very difficult for the non-liberal students in her class to function.

The poster adorning the classroom door was of Trump colored in blue and red, but instead of the word “hope” at the bottom, like the Obama version, it said “Obama, you’re fired.”

On the whiteboard, several key points of Trump’s agenda were written out, all of which were called racist by the teacher.

It’s crystal clear that the teacher is a white antagonist, and actually punishes conservative students in her classroom.

How people like her are allowed to teach is beyond me. They whine about mythical discrimination and in the process, discriminate against those who have different views.

It’s a hard environment in which to learn. Conservatives need to go to war with the American education system because it’s the first and primary place where kids are pumped full of left-wing ideology.

Schools have become terrifying factories for the Left and if we want conservatism to survive, we must retake this all-important battlefield. And soon.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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