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Radical Liberals Unleash Filthy Assault On Melania – Now Trump Is Seething

It’s an interesting proposition to contemplate:

Are we becoming a nation of more vicious politics?

Or is our ability to share information, some of which passes as truth, just making us appear more vicious?

Whatever the case, much of what is called politics constitutes a politics of destruction as opposed to a debate designed to determine what is a just society.

We have immigration laws. Mr. Obama instituted DACA, fully admitting that what he was doing was illegal.

Prior to this, hundreds of thousands of young people were brought into the national illegally even though they were too young to be responsible for the crime.

They now exist, many in their 20s, in America in some sort of limbo, allowed to remain because DACA illegally gives them periods of exemptions from the immigration laws.

Their presence here, while not their fault, is illegal; DACA is illegal, and Mr. Obama’s implementation of the program was illegal,

So President Trump is the evil one because he has ordered the phasing out of DACA over the next six months while asking Congress to pass legislation to settle the issue.

And by the way, those who are furious over his move which includes most of the left, have decided to get even with him for this decision by starting a movement to deport his wife.

Yes, really.  We clearly have in the U.S. are the politics of destruction.

And as long as the petulant leftists are going to criticize and attack the president with all the vitriol they can muster, they might as well attack his wife as well, right?

Via IJR:

“Trump’s decision has caused a meltdown on the political left. Commenters, celebrities, former U.S. presidents, and foreign Presidents alike have issued scorching statements over the decision.

However, one movement, in particular, has gained steam since the policy announcement. The movement to ‘Deport Melania’ is gaining steam on the internet.

“While it may be satirical, assuming that there is no reasonable probability that the first lady of the United States will be deported, the hashtag #DeportMelania has exploded in the last few days, with over a million impressions since Monday, according to the analytic site, Keyhole.”

In at attempt to find anything to use to attack Trump, including his wife, we find that “[t]he [left’s] argument goes like this:

First Lady Melania Trump was an immigrant to America. Her work visa situation is a thing of controversy and her immigration papers are locked.

At best, the argument is based on complete conjecture. Yet, groups are filing Freedom of Information Requests to see Melania’s immigration papers.”

So, the left is going to attempt to draw an equivalence between Obama, who instituted a plan he admitted was illegal that involved perhaps 800,000 persons who entered the national criminally, and FLOTUS Melania Trump.

Talk about desperate.

And sad.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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