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Reporter Asks Texan What He Plans To Do With His Boat – He Answers With 7 Heroic Words

Texas uses a tourism slogan that proclaims that the state is “A Whole Other Country.”

Of course, the ad alludes to the uniqueness of the culture of the state as well as the fact that the state was, indeed, once an independent country.

And there is an independent spirit that permeates much of Texan culture today.

Case in point:

The horrific flooding that is happening in Texas, and especially in Houston is heartrending. It brings back memories of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as we survey the magnitude of the destruction.

It also demonstrates that what the government can do has its limits, and that it will be the spirit and actions of local citizens who will make a huge difference in the relief efforts.

And that’s what this story is about.

When a reporter noticed a man preparing his boat in a flooded area, the reporter asked what he was going to do. Was he escaping? Oh no, quite the contrary.

In fact, his response is an inspiration and will bring tears to your eyes.

Via IJR:

“Incredible stories of bravery will emerge in the coming days, and we will keep you up to date at Independent Journal Review. However, nothing that we’ve seen so far captures the Texas spirit more than a man who was loading up a boat under a flooded freeway.

“A local reporter asked the man where he was coming from and what he was about to do.

“‘You guys just jumping in to help out?’ the reporter asks.

“‘Yessir,’ said the man who says he’s from Texas City.

“The reporter asks what the man is ‘about to do.’

His response: ‘I’m gonna try to save some lives.’

It is a credit to a people when they show an eagerness to help the desperate in their communities in time of crisis and need.

This certainly applies to the current disaster conditions in part of Texas

And this gentlemen shows Texas, and humanity, at it’s finest. Well done.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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