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University Researcher Says Minorities Are Too Dumb To Learn English…No, Seriously

Which universities in the United States are the best racist schools to attend?

These days, you can take your pick, because most every Liberal one of them is racist with a capital “R.”

When Muslim students get free benefits white students (or most any other students) will never get, that’s called discrimination.

But if you want to know who’s been completely knocking the whole racism bit out of the park lately, hands down, the University of Wisconsin-Madison wins!

If you listen closely, you can still hear the White professor of African-American studies pronounce your “Whiteness” to be a problem (are you listening, Mr. Obama?)

Also, if you want to perform a recount on any election in Wisconsin, make sure to stand on the steps of this university to announce your suspicions (are you listening, Hillary and Jill?)

As an added bonus, rush to purchase your copy of “How to Hijack a Decades-Old Assumption and Turn It Into Your Own Racism Research” ($19.95 if you order in the next five minutes!)

Louder With Crowder:

“An undergrad researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has entered the public limelight with research indicating that standard English is ‘oppressive’ to minorities, essentially stating that grammatically correct speech is too hard for them to learn.

Gallagher’s research focuses on a theory called ‘code switching,’ which means that individuals adapt their speech and mannerisms to those around them.

She believes that minorities with poor language skills feel marginalized by having to adapt to those who speak proper English.

To mind their sensitivities, Gallagher intends to end the stigma of ebonics—also known as African-American Vernacular English—a dialect spoken by some black people in the United States—and encourage its use in schools.

Gallagher says she based her research on three interviews with student leaders at UW-Madison from minority groups.”


So, just in case any of you weren’t paying attention, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has definitively proven (after exhaustive research with a whopping 3 test subjects) that Blacks are too stupid to learn the English language!

…shouldn’t all African-Americans be HUGELY offended by this?

If I were a betting man, I’d venture a pretty good guess that this is perhaps THE single most racist thing I’ve heard issue from an institution of supposed higher learning. Ever.

Then you’ve got some kid who writes #BlackLivesMatter over and over again on a college application and gets accepted to STANFORD. Oh yes, that’s prioritizing ability over race. ‘rolling eyes.

Liberalism is spiraling down the toilet faster than Obama green energy companies are claiming bankruptcy, and our universities are going down with it all!

Sources: Louder With Crowder, Heat Street

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