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School Bans The American Flag. Then Teachers Roll Into The Parking Lot And Can’t Believe Their Eyes…

Anti-Americanism is all the rage these days.

It’s like there’s a competition to see who can trash their own nation the most effectively.

And it goes without saying that there’s a lot of fierce competition in this category, as leftists across the nation have stopped hiding their disdain for our nation and its history.

But the saddest part about this trend is that much of it is emanating from our schools.

The Left’s takeover of education has significantly damaged our nation, as those responsible for molding the minds of our future leaders are often left-wing ideologues bent not on teaching, but indoctrinating kids.

Examples of this are everywhere, but the latest attempt by a misguided school to squash its students’ love of country has backfired in the best way imaginable.

As reported at the Conservative Tribune, Rocori High School in St. Cloud, Minnesota decided last spring that students would no longer be allowed to have American flags of any kind adorn their vehicles if they want to drive to school.

It seems the school thought it could squash freedom of expression in this instance, but they had no idea how rightfully angry students would respond to such a ridiculous policy.

Instead of complying with the new rule, a large contingent of students showed up to the school last week with American flags waving from their vehicles.

At least 25 students parked about a dozen cars and trucks in the school parking lot, flags waving, in defiance of the rule.

Don Ihrke, whose son attends the high school, told a local news affiliate:

[My son] came home from school and told me that they weren’t allowed to fly the American flag on their vehicles anymore.”

Ihrke said he went to the school with his son to join the protest against banning the American flag, adding that his son was “making a stand.”

This is his truck and he’s proud of his truck, and he’s proud of his American flag,” Ihrke said.

He has a sister who’s a sergeant in the Marine Corps and he’s proud of his sister.

We just didn’t think that was right,” Ihrke said, adding he strongly disagreed with the school implementing such a policy regarding flags.

Following backlash and national attention on the ban, Superintendent Scott Staska said the issuewasn’t with the American flag. The issue was with people being disrespectful to other people.”

Ah yes, there it is, the spineless, kowtowing leftist mindset. To this clown, it’s “disrespectful” for Americans to fly an American flag because it might hurt the feelings of an immigrant.

Actually, it’s plain offensive for an American to live by and espouse American values, because, you know, it “marginalizes” immigrants. Yes, that’s the spirit.

We, as a nation, should put aside our own feelings and wants, and do everything we can to not offend people who aren’t even citizens or who left their countries to come here.

In 2014, the Supreme Court upheld a ruling that allowed a California school to ban its students from wearing or displaying American flags on Cinco de Mayo if “school authorities [can reasonably] forecast substantial disruption of or material interference with school activities.”

Hmm…are the school administrators racists?

It seems to me that they’re indirectly admitting that Mexican students can’t be trusted not to resort to violence/disruption for the mere crime of Americans displaying their nation’s flag on a foreign holiday.

So are they saying that Mexicans are incapable of controlling themselves if they see an American flag in…America?

It’s much like the Left’s views on Muslims and self-censoring to keep from “provoking” them. The question is the same: Are supporters of this kind of action racist?

I wonder if these left-wing schools would be okay with banning Mexican flags on Holidays like July 4th, Washington’s birthday, or Memorial Day?

Nah, they wouldn’t be okay with that. Because at the end of the day, whether they admit it our not, leftists are dying to see a foreign flag flying over the US.


Screw what Americans want, we need to put away our flags on Cinco de Mayo and really every other day as well, because we wouldn’t want an immigrant or even a self-hating native to feel “uncomfortable.”

What about considering how the other side feels? What if others find it disrespectful/feel uncomfortable to have to hide their patriotism? Funny how only own side’s “feelings” are ever considered.

Staska, and everyone involved with the policy is a dangerous individual and completely unqualified to be in the teaching profession.

It says a lot about a person to make such an asinine statement, to have such a complete lack of self-awareness and love of blatant double standards.

The kids are objectively in the right, and there’s nothing their school’s administration can say, or any leftist for that matter, that’s going to change that fact.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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