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Thousands Of Schools Pass 1 Outrageous Muslim Rule – Parents Are Horrified

The US has it pretty bad, but our cousins in the UK are even further down the destructive road of progressivism.

In particular, the nation is obsessed with all things Islam, making it a de facto, State-protected religion that cannot be criticized.

There’s no free speech, nor do they have gun rights in Britain, and the lack of these two fundamental rights is accelerating their descent into the dustbin of history.

In the UK, if you say a bad word about Islam you’re fined and jailed under “hate speech” laws.

Like in the US, the Left in the UK has a contradictory love affair with the religion, despite the fact that it, above all others, is the most intolerant and anti-liberal religion on earth.

But for some reason, when it comes to Muslims, leftists are more than okay to let them oppress gays, women, and non-Muslims, as they’ve proven with their policies designed to accommodate Islam.

The latest special treatment Muslims are receiving has sparked some backlash for once, as schools are letting small children to wear the hijab, a previously unapproved addition to school uniforms at the primary level.

As reported at Breitbart, children as young as five are being allowed to wear hijabs by potentially thousands of state primary schools, alarming campaigners who say the Muslim headscarf sexualizes children.

Noting “growing concern” over hijabs increasingly appearing in primary school uniform lists, education regulator Ofsted is looking into whether “there is evidence that schools are facing external pressure,” from parents or religious groups to include the garment as official school uniform, a source said.

And here’s a scary stat:

Almost one in five (18 percent) schools surveyed by The Sunday Times, across 11 regions of England, list the Islamic headscarf as part of their uniform policy, meaning the total figure in the context of England’s 17,000 primary schools is likely to run into thousands.

Almost half (46 per cent) of 72 primary schools in Birmingham whose websites were checked by the newspaper included the hijab in their written uniform policy.

The city has a very large Muslim population, as immigrants have created their own insular community.

Thankfully, some Muslim women’s rights activists and church leaders have spoken out against the rise in schools allowing little kids to wear hijabs.

This includes former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, who stated that officially allowing the garments on primary schools’ uniform lists should be “fiercely resisted”.

He added:

Personally, I am against the wearing of hijabs altogether. I believe we are in a secular western country largely influenced by the Christian faith.

Gina Khan, a campaigner for the rights of Muslim women and children, told The Sunday Times:

Schools are allowing it because they are afraid of being called Islamophobic and they have been told that this is a religious garment — but they need to support Muslim girls to have free choices, not to be set apart from other children.”

Former Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazir-Ali also expressed alarm at the listing of hijabs among other officially approved items of uniform by British primary schools, commenting:


By including [the garment] in a policy, parents may come under pressure from religious leaders — who might say you are not a good Muslim if you do not do it.”

No matter how you look at this decision, it’s a bad one.

It not only shows Muslims how easy it is to throw their weight around and get what they want, it also hurts young Muslims, as Khan said.

Muslims have started flocking to Europe because they know they can get what they want:

A safer, more modern country that will hand all sorts of benefits to them on a silver platter. Along with those, the keys to Western civilization as well.

Bending over backwards for foreigners who don’t share your values should obviously be something to avoid, but these days, such common sense is no longer common.

Sources: The TimesBreitbart

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