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White House Secretary Reads 1 Letter On Trump’s Desk – Seconds Later, She’s In Tears

Over the last 2 years, we’ve seen an unprecedented effort by the Left to demoralize and dehumanize conservatives.

It’s gone far past a difference in opinion and morphed into a referendum on our value as human beings.

If someone doesn’t support their ideology, they’re treated like hateful bigots, and summarily cast to the wayside.

It’s truly disgusting and goes against the beliefs leftists claim they espouse.

But despite all the hate and vitriol they direct towards conservatives and President Trump, we and him are still human. Liberals might not see it that way, but it’s true.

All the anger and attacks from the Left affect Trump and the members of his administration, as they’re treated like Nazis and are never given credit for anything, which isn’t easy to take.

But on Thursday, these attacks were pushed into the background thanks to a letter sent from a father to his soldier son during his first tour in Iraq.

As reported at the Conservative Tribune, White House Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders became visibly emotional during a press briefing Thursday as she read from a 10-year-old letter recently sent to President Donald Trump from a Tennessee man named Joseph.

Joseph is the father of an Air Force master sergeant that’s currently on his second tour in Afghanistan, but 10 years ago, while his son was serving in Iraq, he sent him a letter reminding him of his duty and what was at stake in the war.

Please don’t lose sight of your purpose,” Joseph had written.

You’re the only hope and glimmer of light for the good, innocent men, women and children that you are protecting. This may be hard for you to see or understand.”

Most people know that all of you are there because you volunteered to be there.

Your actions and dedication are seen by people throughout the world as without a doubt the most heroic action of any person which can be made.

You and the soldiers standing next to you from all of the other countries are the pride of not only the nations they represent, but every individual that yearns to be free,” the letter concluded.

“Stand tall, my son, and be steadfast. For it is you who are the defender of freedom.”


Huckabee read the letter in the aftermath of Trump’s decision to escalate America’s presence in Afghanistan once more.

It’s a highly controversial decision that has split people on both sides of the aisle.

It’s very hard to cut our losses and same say it was all for naught and that all the sacrifices were in vain, but that isn’t true. Is it unfortunate? Yes, it’s tragic, in fact.

But throwing more bodies and money at the problem isn’t going to solve it. It’s historically an impossible place to deal with; just ask the Brits and Russians, and now the US.

The problems we have at home are monumental and we can’t be wasting precious lives and resources helping a nation that doesn’t seem intent on helping itself.

We need to take care of ourselves right now, because we’re in desperate need of healing.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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