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Senator Annihilates Obama – ‘It’s YOUR Fault America Is Suffering From…’

It’s true that government programs, whether well-intentioned or not, suffer from at least one common problem:

The lack of a profit motive that forces businesses and individuals to weed out products, services, or other activities that don’t generate sufficient benefits given the money and human resources they consume.

This is not a concern for government. At least it’s not a necessary concern, since budgets can be increased to fund worthless programs, at least at the federal level.

Hence we have the spectacle of DACA as implemented by Mr. Obama a few years ago.

The claimed intent was to provide relief and hope for “Dreamers,” those illegal aliens who were brought to the country when there were young children, and hence couldn’t be held responsible for the crime of entering the country illegally.

With around 800,000 such individuals now living and working in the country as young adults, what’s to be done?

Just continue to allow them to renew any exemptions from the law until they die of old age?

Perhaps Obama never thought of that, or he just figured they’d wind up as US citizens at some point, and no doubt Democratic voters, grateful for what Obama had done for them.

So now the mess has landed in President Trump’s lap like so many other fouled-up programs created by or mismanaged by his predecessors.

Since DACA is potentially unconstitutional, it cannot just be put on the end of a stick and allowed to hang there until it self-resolves. Hence the turmoil.

Now, one brave Senator has laid the blame squarely at Barack Obama’s feet. Via Daily Caller:

Former President Barack Obama is to blame for the ongoing ‘mess’ surrounding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program, Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton said Tuesday.

“‘President Obama created this mess.

And it’s landed in President Trump’s lap and our lap in the Congress.

The reason we know it’s unlawful is President Obama himself said it was unlawful in 2010 and 2011 when he was asked to take these steps and did not.

But he did so in 2012 in the middle of his reelection,’ Cotton said on the ‘Hugh Hewitt Show.'”


So, Obama admitted that the DACA program was illegal, implemented it anyway, and then “punted” the ball to his successor. This is the sort of misgovernment we got out of the Obama administration.

Cotton further points out the futility of trying to save DACA even if President Trump wished to do so:

“The senator added that the Trump administration would likely lose if they tried to defend DACA in court from legal challenges by Republican state attorneys general.”

So President Trump did the correct thing: He announced an end to an illegal program and directed Congress to write legislation to fix the matter.

And for the left, that is reason to protest. Yet another example of emotions rather than reason driving actions.

Source: Daily Caller

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