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Clueless Singer Tries To Defend Illegal Aliens, Then Gets Schooled By The Entire Internet

Singer and “actor” John Legend (not his real name) fancies himself a “celebrity activist,” aka pretending to have more than a room temperature IQ.

The last few years has seen the guy get a little too big for his britches, as he’s been increasingly holding himself up as some paragon of virtue and spokesman.

Unsurprisingly, racism is his favorite – or perhaps only – subject.

As a leftist and black man, he sees racism everywhere; not only that, he likes to pretend that the evil white folks in the US are blind to their supposed privilege.

Recently, Legend has started talking about the immigration issue, not understanding why a nation wouldn’t allow anyone from anywhere to cross its borders and break its laws.

His hatred for Trump is obviously very strong, as it is for his supporters. He recently put out a casting call for a music video, looking for white, over 30, and out of shape” folks to play his stereotypical view of Trump supporters.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, in the wake of Trump’s DACA announcement, Legend went on an ignorant rant about the term “illegal alien” on Twitter…and it completely blew up in his face.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, Legend vented his frustration about Trump’s decision by tweeting:

Wow! Like, right on, man! Much Love! Peace, Peace!

Legend’s politicking may bring feelings of self-righteousness to his fans, but not everyone eats up the trash he spews.

After his tantrum, bunches of Twitter users decided to educate another clueless celebrity on the facts:

The best was a user that simply asked if Legend allowed folks to enter his concerts without a ticket.

The analogy is a perfect one that highlights the double standards that leftists live by, especially all these know-it-all celebs.

They cry about walls, yet their homes have massive ones surrounding them. They want anyone to be able to walk across the border, yet they require a large fee and ticket to see them “perform.”

Leftists are incapable of putting these simple examples together and understanding the hypocritical and paradoxical stances they take.

But who really cares what someone like him thinks?

He can play the piano and sing, but that doesn’t mean he has any worthwhile insights into politics or that anyone should take what he says seriously.

And no, of course he hasn’t read The Constitution. If these people get their way, they’ll tear that sacred document, and anything else upon which this country was built, to shreds.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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