Red, White, and Right


Do you think social media oppresses Conservative views?

Conservatives have had this sneaking suspicion for years.

And after Facebook flat-out admitted members of its staff were actively suppressing Right-wing news and opinions and promoting the Leftist agenda, the controversy still rages.

It didn’t help when we found out that liberals essentially control the “fake news” label on Facebook, which only added to the belief that if you’re on social media and you’re a Republican, you’re being oppressed.

Oppression is a term Leftists can’t quite figure out. They really can’t conceive of anybody but minorities being oppressed…while simultaneously oppressing every viewpoint besides their own.

So, in your travels on Facebook and other social media platforms, do you see evidence of liberals infringing on Conservative ideas?

In other words, are we talking about a clear bias that needs to disappear?



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