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Somali Refugee Spots Lady Walking Her Dog – An Hour Later, She’s In The Hospital

Day after day, the consequences of the intentional Muslim invasion of Europe are continually felt.

Native Europeans are forced to acquiesce and tolerate the behavior of the Muslims their leaders led through their gates.

Despite the fact these “immigrants” care nothing for European culture or values, their feelings and lives are given priority over the very taxpayers they’re leeching off of.

Thanks to leftist bureaucrats, crime has skyrocketed in these once peaceful nations. If you dare speak about this reality, you’re labeled a bigot, and potentially in violation of various anti-free speech laws.

But yet another senseless beating was perpetrated by one of these poor and helpless immigrants.

I’m sure the Left will find a way to pin the blame on the victim daring to go on with her life as usual, despite the offense it apparently causes Muslim immigrants.

As reported at Breitbart, a middle aged woman had to be hospitalized in Vienna, Austria following a horrible beating in broad daylight by a veiled Somali asylum seeker offended by her pet dogs.

In case you weren’t aware, Muslims, on average, dislike dogs very much, because they’re “unclean.”

The victim, named Ingrid, was out in her garden with her two dogs, talking to a neighbor.

One of the dogs waltzed toward the alleyway, where she said she “saw a pretty, veiled woman approaching slowly.” Rather than bend down and pet the dog like a normal human being, or ignore it, the 18-year old Somali woman went on a tirade.

I knew some people from these countries do not like dogs, so I went to Poco and wanted to pull him back,” the 54-year-old told the media from her hospital bed in the Austrian capital.

The Somali woman said, “The animals are unclean,” Ingrid recalled, stating that her attacker then “grabbed me, spun me around and scratched me” until both women fell to the ground.

It took three men to pull the asylum seeker away from Ingrid, who told the media the assault left her unable to feel her legs.

Staff at Wilhelminen Hospital had to operate twice on Ingrid, who thanks to the attacker smashing her knee, now has an artificial one implanted.

Ingrid said she believes that the encounter was sparked by the clash of cultures between her and the Muslim woman.


She also said that she’s heard the young Somali woman’s husband rave that, “We don’t want dogs–they are filthy!

Because the attacker was an asylum seeker, there’s likely no way Ingrid will be able to receive damages from the attacker. Her lawyer said that this incident “will probably be a precedent.”

This is what happens when you knowingly import people that hate you into your country. These attacks were expected and everyone knows that incidents like these will become more common as more invaders come in.

Yet the masses are still too afraid or apathetic to rise and stop it, so it’s hard to know what Europe’s future holds.

Things look very grim at the moment but if a fire is ignited amongst the populace, there’s still a chance to save Europe from disaster.

Source: Breitbart

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