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Liberal Students Demand Veterans Be Banned From Schools – Now America Is In An Uproar

Cop-hate has really become fashionable as of late, as leftists insist that those tasked with policing our communities and keeping us safe are a bunch of racists that get off on beating up minorities.

At least, that’s the narrative that the liberal media’s been pushing in recent years.

This startling sentiment and radicalization is taking the nation by storm, as left-wing groups are quickly gaining mindless followers and seeing their crazy ideas more broadly accepted.

However, cops are hardly the only group they despise.

The Left’s already set their sights on the next target for their hate and propaganda, but this time it’s going to be a little more difficult to get folks on board (I hope).

As reported at KKTV 11 News, a newsletter posted on the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) campus made the rounds on social media last Thursday.

Its message will get your blood boiling if you support the armed services:

It argues that veterans should be banned from four-year universities.

The reason? Well, that’s because the military is a white supremacist organization with all sorts of terrible ideas and beliefs embedded in its culture.

Via KKTV 11 News:

A four-year, traditional university is supposed to be a place of learning, of understanding, of safety and security.

However, there is an element among us who may be frustrating those goals: Veterans,” the newsletter reads.

The newsletter’s title is “Social Justice Collective Weekly” and says the one posted is the first issue…oh boy, I cannot wait to see what’s in the next issue.

Going by the first, I’m sure it’ll be a doozy filled with all sorts of rational and coherent arguments.

A spokesperson for UCCS said the newsletter has nothing to do with the school and does not represent the institution’s views.

However, it was approved by the university and posted on a bulletin board because the school says anyone is allowed to post items on the board.

But that’s simply not true. Try to put up any tangentially conservative poster up at any university and see if you can get approval.


The university explained while this group is not affiliated with the college, they say it is free speech and the group can post what they want. Again, though, free speech only exists on campus in regards to liberals.

The poster also generalizes veterans and says they’re “unsympathetic” to the LGBTQZFM$*#@ community. It claims that all veterans have far right-wing ideologies.

Perhaps surprisingly, many of the students interviewed by local news said they were against the message of the newsletter.

They [the authors of the letter] try and talk about inclusion as a principle,” said UCCS student Joe Hollmann.

Yet, they’re excluding one of the most important members of society, those that are guarding our freedom to even talk about this.

Joe Hollmann, I hope you’re prepared for harassment over your completely non-controversial and benign statement, because that’s just how insane these leftists are. The Left truly has no shame.

They’ll attack anyone who gets in the the way of their lust for power and slander anyone to silence them. No one is safe from their attacks anymore.

Absolutely no one.

Source: KKTV 11 News

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