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Just In: The Supreme Court Just Crushed Illegal Aliens – Colossal Victory For Trump

During his campaign, Donald Trump announced that Americans under his leadership would experience, quote:

“So much winning that we might get tired of winning.”

Everyone naturally understood this to be a bit of hyperbole with perhaps a bit of cockiness thrown in, but it was enjoyable to hear and even more enjoyable to contemplate.

After all, as a nation we were just completing the dismal eight years of stagnation and lack of progress under Barack Obama.

The bottom line is that President Trump offered an agenda of real hope for the middle class who were thrown under the bus by Obama.

With Obama’s identity politics, failed foreign policy initiatives, and fiasco of a health care reform program, Americans demonstrated that the “hope and change” offered by Obama was a flop.

We were ready to look for someone who could make a positive difference in the lives of average Americans. President Trump was that person.

Yet the “winning” he has promised has involved some hard fought battles and he still has some formidable obstacles to overcome.  Even so, this is another step in the right direction:

According to The Daily Caller, the U.S. Supreme Court has just handed the president a victory in his efforts to enact a temporary ban on entry to the country by those from countries that are hotbeds of terrorist activities and training.

The U.S. Supreme Court stayed a lower court ruling which narrowed enforcement of President Donald Trump’s travel ban, handing the administration another victory on a signature immigration policy initiative.

“As a result of the order, some 25,000 refugees are temporarily barred from resettlement in the U.S.

“The dispute concerned the reach of the high court’s June ruling, which allowed the president’s order to take partial effect.

Though the ruling allows the president to suspend the Department of State’s refugee resettlement program for 120 days, it also provides that refugees with a ‘bona fide’ relationship to a person or entity in the U.S. be permitted entry.”

The left is furious as this is anathema to their goal of filling the nation with immigrants who can be supported with government welfare programs, and then given voting rights with the expectation they will vote for “the correct” party.


This matter is not concluded yet as “[t]he justices will hear argument on the merits of the president’s travel ban on Oct. 10.”

Even though they are hard-fought victories, the “winning” continues.

It will not be a smooth road; President Trump has not laid out an agenda that will generate victories because that agenda is an easy one.

It is a difficult one, yet victories will be won because of the leadership skills of this president.

Obviously, this is something official Washington is not used to, and will probably spend most of his tenure trying to figure out.

Source: Daily Caller

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