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Breaking: Ted Cruz Delivers BOMBSHELL Promise To America…Even Trump Is Stunned!

Ted Cruz was once Donald Trump’s foe.

But look at what has happened since Trump’s presidential victory: Cruz declared all-out war on Muslims and other dangerous illegal immigrants, and that wasn’t the end of the Trump/Cruz bromance.

Okay, so maybe “bromance” is the wrong word but these two guys are definitely feeling each other vibes right now.

Like Trump, Cruz continues his promise to protect the American people, and that of course falls in line with Trump’s viewpoint. Seems these two agree on a lot more than we thought, huh?

Really, one of the strangest things about politics is when Americans watch, with gaping mouths, the absolutely vicious rhetoric that candidates seeking some office sling at each other on the campaign trail.

Then, mere weeks later, after one emerges as winner, seemingly come together at a press conference podium and trade loving words of high praise.

In the past, many conservatives watched with sadness as they witnessed Sen. Ted Cruz, whom many regarded as a tea party type hero to the conservative cause, engage in several nasty exchanges with the then-candidate Trump.

Aw, but that’s all water under the bridge.

“Cruz is excited and ready to help President Donald Trump “deliver on promises” made to the American people,” The Daily Caller reported, citing the above video.

Cruz, in fact, is so in the camp with Trump now that he’s warning fellow Republicans they ought not waver on the bold White House agenda.

Heck, he already helped Trump blast Obama and the UN, which we just LOVED. But there’s more:

“If we settle back into business as usual, grow government more, get fat and happy, cater to special interests and lobbyists, we’ll have pitchforks and torches out in the street and I just may join them,” Cruz said, to The Daily Caller.

That’s it, in a nutshell.

The American people suffered considerably under Barack Obama’s White House, and elected Trump because of his bold vision for making America great again, and making America the priority again.

If Trump backtracks and softens, the American people will be angry.

But if Republicans in Congress start to fight against Trump and rally with the entrenched and establishment to take him down – and even join forces with Democrats to undercut his authority and upset his leadership – well then, expect a rebellion of epic proportions.

The American people are just not in the mood or mind to tolerate another political betrayal.

Source: The Daily Caller

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